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  1. This strategy helpsed me a lot. Made it to 69 before my profile was signed in elsewhere, I might try again, but I was pretty bummed out. Still looking for a few people to go for high rounds not solo, My gt is ixKingjessopxi add me and let me know youre from here . :)
  2. Has anybody else noticed anything strange about the fireworks? Their colours (orange and purple/ blue) are similar to the colours used in the Tranzit and Die Rise Easter Eggs. The completion of Maxis' s steps were always resembled with the colour orange and the completion of Richtofen's steps were always resembled with the colour purple/ blue.
  3. If you would like some more help add me gt is the same as my username :)
  4. Me and my friend also tested another jump, if you go to the top of the an-94 elevator shaft, and then go to the open space facing the dragon roof, you can set up a trample steam and launch yourself over to underneath where the box spawns. Just passing on some knowledge that could help my fellow survivors. Much love and happy hunting.
  5. @Pinnaz How does the clip of indy surviving the nuke relate? Not trying to be rude, I just dont see a connection.
  6. And the quote on the church also spikes mynintrest cause it says "pray meat" what if its one of the flesh cultist locations? Just a thought. Much love and happy hunting.
  7. Tbh, I think they will change something on die rise. Like a "thanks for being patient heres a better ee" haha
  8. Where did you find this picture? And is it a legitimate picture or fan made?
  9. Thats what I meant when I said a higher power, and I dont think hes being munipulated as much as hes doing it for the power, and as for the tower, we have no proof that 3 towers have been activated, we know they tried but I wasnt aware they did it, however we do have a map in navada, (nuketown) and there are tower in the map (way off but still) I believe there is an ee on nuketown. I never liked nor trusted maxis, at least with richtofen we know hes gonna do something evil, but maxis is trying to decive the n4 into beliving he "Good".
  10. One of the game devs tweeted a quoe that said something along the lines of "you never know whats gonna happen when the dlc drops for ps3" I believe it was Rez. This makes me think they kept something from the map that they will be added for all players.. what do you guys think? Much love and happy hunting.
  11. Hey guys now we have tons of talk about the Easter egg, and everyone is saying that richtofen is the evil side and maxis is the good side. Now when I hear this the first thing I think is: "maxis launched the rockets at the earth!" The way I see it, maxis is doing everything for himself, but richtofen, hes taking orders from a higher power. (The vril-ya) yes hes contolling the zombies but hes not doing it for himself. I also have a strange feeling that samuel will have a run in with the vril-ya, and richtofen wont be to happy about it. Much love and happy hunting. :)
  12. Hey guys , as we all know when the map came out and the community found flopper there was an uproar. The most common belief was that once we finish the easter egg we will be rewarded with flopper. And alas, we did the easter egg,but no flopper. So now we're left with a perk slot that has quick revive or who's who's where flopper should be, and the belief that treyarch is trolling us, BUT what if, there is a step in the easter egg, where before completing it, you can gain access to the troll perk. just a thought Also, I noticed that on the keypad for the freight lift, there are 4 Chinese symbols on it , ill try and get some pictures what do you guys think? Much love And happy hunting.
  13. Are you playing split screen while trying this? Cause I was having the same issue. But as soon as I went to full screen, it worked. maybe try this? Get back to me please to confirm?
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