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Krauss Refibrillator VITAL to Maxis Easter Egg


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Thats really intresting!! ;)

a little off topic, but I was playing a round of NTZ last night and skewerd the hell out of the bomb shelter door with unupgraded blades and they were like glowing red and stuff just thought it was wierd.

In Blops 1 they were definitely not like that...

im gonna check this out! good find!

how many player's were there?

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Just got a quote from maxis upon pack-a-punching the ballistic knife. "The Regenerative power of that device is vital to our success. ENSURE YOU DO NOT LOSE IT!" Perhaps you need to use this with a player using who's who?

Nice find dude!! Did you have to advance at all in the easter egg or just get it off the bat?

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Can anyone think of a way Who's Who and the upgraded ballistic knife could work together? Everyone seems to be stuck in the Budda room after the quote from maxis about "Reincarnation will reveal the way forward."

I think you need to down yourself with whose who and either revive your self or be revived with ballistic knife

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I have an idea for a sacrifice.

I know in Black Ops 1 that when you were down with the Krauss Refibrillator and shoot at a teammate who's still up it will bring them down. Maybe this is a step, just throwing it out there cause I have no easter egg hunting team.

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Would of been nice to get a bit of credit in your YouTube video...

My bad man didnt think of it at the time (it was a quickly made video before I left for grandparents house) but put you in the description! :D

The video just shows the quote you get whenever you put the ballistic knives in the pack a punch.

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Maybe down urself/friend and dont revive the original you continue playing as the "Reincarnated" version and maybe then revive the "Reincarnated" with Kruass ?? Or if that fails contiue as the "Reincarnated" to trial and error with more possible solutions im on ps3 so sorry cant help test this but hope my opinion helps to say the least 8-)

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What were trying right now is to mess around with picking up the balls and standing on the lion symbols with who's who mode. Were just messing around with stuff right now so leave me some ideas to try!

Snoop dog we tried this to no avail :(

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Has anyone downed themself with who's who and checked the tvs?

They just have the super bright color that every light has in whos who. Pressing x/shooting them does nothing. About to call it for the night if no one has any other ideas.

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Could be that you keep the papd balistic knife after going down with whos who? And have to be in two places at once.

Eiher that or ita ascension all over again where you need specific weapons to do the egg

So SVU unpapd

Ballistic knife paped

2 more needed....?

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I have two ideas. Have everyone go down with who's who and everyone revive a different person instead of themselve. And my other idea, have 3 people go down and go down in who's who and have the person will the krauss refibrillator revive all of them. Not sure how who's who works when the original body is revived first. Hope this possibly helps.

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