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  1. Just though I'd throw my guide in as well. Good work everyone
  2. Great finds! This is a super rough piecing together (I'm terrible at photoshop) but here is what all of the hidden images (4 images in total) look like put together! http://imgur.com/vBsXR46
  3. That's interesting. Let me know what you find! :)
  4. Can you give any more detail to when you heard the moon song? Were you doing anything special at all?
  5. Hey everyone, just wanted to share the two Easter Egg specific songs for both the Maxis and Richtofen "End Game" easter eggs. After you press the button that activates the end game easter egg, coming back to the box will allow you to turn on the song. Hope you guys enjoy! Richtofen's Song: (Song at 0:34) Maxis' Song: (Song at 0:11)
  6. And I call myself a zombie player.... Edited now thanks for the comment :D
  7. Let's discuss what this means for the next DLC and ideas for next steps for us to try in this mode. We are currently still in the game this was recorded in and need your help to find what to do next. Here's the video of Maxis taking over the zombies:
  8. Title is pretty self explanatory on this one! All you need to do for this one is buy the box with candy in hand. Once the box stops spinning, if you don't like your choice you can feed "The Sloth" candy in close proximity to the box and he will run over and reroll it for you! Video Proof:
  9. Beat me to it! You dog Appreciate it guys Thanks again everyone and in my video (the second one) I said I would be sure to upload the Audio Files that you collect in a separate video. For anyone who is interested, here's that video:
  10. Hey there guys! After our late night success in completing the Easter Egg yesterday, today I worked on getting some good audio files of the historical recordings you hear on the map in black and white near the end of the Easter Egg. There have been a lot of theories about Al and Mob of the Dead being Hell. Does any of this confirm/deny it? Let's talk. Here is the video, hope you enjoy!
  11. Thanks everyone! My video is in the process of being uploaded, which could take a while considering my 1.14 upload speed. However, if you have any questions feel free to ask me at http://www.twitter.com/noahj456 and Ill be happy to answer! Thanks to everyone who was a part of this and all the info that was shared! :D
  12. And Johnny Cash's birthday is the date that is written on the "Escape Plans" which is a pretty crazy coincidence if you ask me!
  13. Not sure if this isn't the right place to be posting this, it isn't allowed, or people just haven't posted it here, but the Mob of the Dead cinematic intro was posted on Xbox along with Al's Journal. Here is the clip, and if this isn't supposed to be posted someone let me know so I can delete it!
  14. This could be a good clue to a step in the Easter Egg. If we can find this cell in the map, it almost for sure has something to do with it. :)
  15. As most of you have seen, there is a single still frame image in the trailer. It shows a small cell-like room with a teddy bear in the middle. After some research I found a very similar looking cell to the one pictured above, with a ghost story attached to it. This is where it gets interesting. This is a picture of cell 14D in Alcatraz. It has an unusual ghost story which I have quoted below. This could mean a lot of things, but my theory is that the Purgatory mode is somehow connected to the ghost stories of Alcatraz. In this "afterlife" you might encounter these ghosts that have haunted Alcatraz, and it is almost certain the Easter Egg will be connected to an objective you have to complete in Purgatory mode. Let me know what you guys think about this and any additions you might have! Link to my video discussing this theory.
  16. It seems like it was definitely something you already had because there was no green mist, but what would cause you to lose it so quickly?? Maybe this is only a solo upgrade because the quick revive costs 500, and you get 2000 back? Then again it would be the first of it's kind because every other persistant upgrade can be used with 1-4 people. I don't know but this is definitely interesting! P.S. I sent you a message on Youtube Megatron :)
  17. This is super impressive man! I'm sure this will help many people, myself included, tremendously with how to navigate this map! Stay strong, you are a better man than I :D
  18. Tried it last night and it just revives you like it normally would :/ This step is HARD man!
  19. Im about to try this with my team. Will report back. Edit- Nothing. Good theory though thanks for sharing the idea!
  20. They just have the super bright color that every light has in whos who. Pressing x/shooting them does nothing. About to call it for the night if no one has any other ideas.
  21. What were trying right now is to mess around with picking up the balls and standing on the lion symbols with who's who mode. Were just messing around with stuff right now so leave me some ideas to try! Snoop dog we tried this to no avail :(
  22. My bad man didnt think of it at the time (it was a quickly made video before I left for grandparents house) but put you in the description! The video just shows the quote you get whenever you put the ballistic knives in the pack a punch.
  23. I have a video of the actual audio recording up on my channel. Do you guys want me to link it here?
  24. Can anyone think of a way Who's Who and the upgraded ballistic knife could work together? Everyone seems to be stuck in the Budda room after the quote from maxis about "Reincarnation will reveal the way forward."
  25. Nice find dude!! Did you have to advance at all in the easter egg or just get it off the bat?
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