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  1. I think you need to down yourself with whose who and either revive your self or be revived with ballistic knife
  2. The tiles are for the richtofen side i believe which was why spider was asking for help but that side is complete..for maxis the next step should involve the ballistic knife and or whos who and possibly something with those gold plates because if you go down with the ball it does not get dropped in that location you keep it
  3. It really sucks my team wont be able to try this due to my practice but you may have just helped evryone in this on goin search my friend had the same idea but we couldnt get it out of the box
  5. Pandastyle will be posting a video soon showing our effort my video will have to wait till tomorrow as i have basketball practice in 45min, but we have been saying we needed whos who since we found out is was on the map and i posted yesterday about the importance of those 2 sets of plates (Lions and Zombies) in the EE's so i think we are onto something
  6. My group and i finshed killing enough zombies in the Buddha room only to hear maxis say reincarnation will show you the way or something very close to that unfortunately our team was unable to progress farther as one member lagged out...but my theory is that you will all need to buy Who's who...down yourself on each of the 4 zombies plates scattered across the map then pick yourself up in order to complete that step can someone try this...LIAM ARE YOU READING THIS!!!!! HE has to be referring to whos who and the zombie plates would coordinate with the maxis EE due to having to killing all those zombies in the Buddah room
  7. seeing as richtofen said he needs a BLOOD sacrifice im sure that sliquifying the NAVCARD table wont do anything bud...you sliquify the orbs and thats all you need to do with it for the time being...need to find the spire and give it a blood sacrifice which i believe is downing yourself with whos who and not reviving your character
  8. Just so you know...in the video you were stu both times.....therefore disproving your own theory
  9. Naw Spiderbite tried the tower thing and it didnt work he said...the richtofen side doesnt give you a clue after sliquifying the balls so theres some place you need to go or something you need to buy or do but the richtofen side is at a complete stand still currently
  10. I talk about that in the other post and i saw it awhile ago
  11. Naw spider heard him, whats funny is i told Pandastyle they would end up doing richtofens because he basically gives you the next step with that quote...and ngt did haha
  12. Thanks man i couldn't find the other plate!!!! Have you seen the 4th zombie plate?
  13. Just posted my finding on a new post but here is the video showing the plates i found.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdQovlk__sg
  14. I found 2 more sets of plates in theater mode (video link below)....3 Lion/Tiger plates & 3 Zombie Plates....i believe the tiger/lion plates are directly related to the Richtofen portion of the EE and the Zombie plates are related to the Maxis EE (via the Ressurection is the Key quote from Maxis after shooting the orbs)...Whos who will be necessary for the maxis side while for richtofen im not sure tho it seems it doesnt after spiderbites most recent video....Comment on what you think may need to be done in order to use these plates for the net step!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdQovlk_ ... e=youtu.be
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