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PS3 Green Run, Something NEW?

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I just turned on to play some zombies and there was an update. Now when I go into public match it says "NEW" in green writting next to Green Run. Anyone know whats new?

I have looked through the options and cant see anything new (was hoping turned mode or something might show up :cry:) If anyone works out whats new can you let me know.

Gonna play some Grief now will report back if I find anything

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why you say 26 instead of 29th? do you know something I dont?? lol

Actually is the 28th of february, almost 4 weeks to go !

Has anything changed on PS3 gameplay of TranZit after update 1.06 ?

Yep your right it will be the 28th. and you can see what they changed/fixed in General Zombies Disscussion under the thread Ps3 Black Ops 2 Update 1.06

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