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Human decoy and chained monkey


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In Turned, what is a human decoy and a chained symbol monkey? Are these powerups you can get?

The human decoy may be referencing the special weapon in CotD.

Whatever zombie you shot, would turn into a human, and the zombies would chase it instead of you. Like a human decoy.

The symbal monkey was a tactical grenade in WaW and BO1.

It made the zombies go toward it. Like the human decoy.

Where did you get that list?

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Check the forums here, they are from IGN.

I should have posted this in Turned, sorry, didn't realize it had it's own forum now. (feel free to move it).

Yes I know what a monkey bomb is, but what's new is the fact that it's 'chained.'

The human decoy might be like the CotD weapon yes. It seems though in Turned it would be a duplicate of yourself to trick the other players, more like the hologram in Halo 4.

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