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bus depot with 2 power switches with blue tape


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maybe but why does the lights come on if your already have power it makes it seem you have to find something

As enticing as the idea seems, it is very improbable. Many people have never returned to the Bus Depot after the initial exiting, due to the simple fact that nothing is there.

NOTHING is there. Now thats not to say there isn's anything interesting there to LOOK at, but there simply isn't anything to interact with.

Yes, there is the initial building of the Power Turbine, and/or opening the door for $750, but as far as interacting with anything, there is naught.

As far as thing to look at is concerned, there are only a few repeating posters, two of which are subliminal hints as to map progression, the "Ride the Bus" and "Power, 3.0" posters. Those of which I interpret to being; Ride the Bus, it's your means of safe transport (no Denizens), and Power 3.0, meaning the power source is somewhere at the 3rd stop.

There are several more things to look at, such as a generic version of Popular Mechanics, a birdwatching magazine, and a few more that were seemingly irrelevant to anything pertaining to CoDZ. The scientific magazine may also be another vague reference to all things concerning the research done and summarized in PINNAZ's signature.

All things considered, sometimes, when you try to dig a hole to the other side of the world, you realize there really isn't going to be light on the other side. Great ideas, but none have panned out, as i have personally tried, along with countless others who have had the same theory as you.

My humble advice, let this one go, focus on other things to come. We've tried and tested your theory, to no avail. You are nearing the definition: Trying to produce different results by way of the exact same process. Insanity.

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when you go outside of bus depot and head towards the nav card there is a shelter or tunnel with boards on it look to your left side on the wall there is the same looking electric boxs and when you look at the shadows near it looks like a arrow or an pylon but just saying but yeah its in the tunnel outside bus depot

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"...with the (Nicola Tesla Wireless Energy) Power Turbine.

Nice reference! I must say, you're doing a great job tying all these things together!

But he is correct, its in the staircase just to the right of the Depot Mystery box location. I think I have also seen one in other places throughout the map.. not many places though.. There may be some correlation. I'll check through again today.

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I'm grateful for everyone's turn around on this and those defending the original poster and his pursuit too work with every item he sees of interest. It's this kind of action that has gotten us this far but what we've all given up on due to frustration.

2 questions I've wondered about no clip, 1. Do you see parts? And 2. Are you able to see PaP before its opened?

I think he's on to something we need to explore even further and that is the power grid and all electrical lines. We know by connecting power or PaP wires at powerhouse we open the town vault. What about all of the other wires? We have a power line in the back of farm, where does it go? If anyone ever tracked it it goes to the proto-type (nacht der untoten) and goes directly into a post that's connected to a gate with hinges to it, from this side you would be able to go behind the building because its all open on that part.

Each area besides power that I know of has a telephone pole with wires that spark. When releasing the Avogadro from the power room all of these locations become super charged and spark for 10 seconds. Whether this is a game mechanic to show the power room progress or a timed event you have to take advantage of regardless I think we need to explore every wire and every box.

We all know regardless of what doesn't happen near you something could be activated miles away or something as close as the tunnel (where the other duplicate shelter sign exists). I've previously messed with the boxes with no avail, I will be checking lighting changes to agree or not. Also I pretty much run a constant custom game for friends to join and explore so add me up if your Xbox live and we can try more combinations out.


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Guys I think we should just put tranzit-green run away for right now, I'm fairly certain we've found just about everything about the Easter egg...

IM NOT SAYING IT'S finished!

But there's no more we can do to it now...

What about the weird quotes that T.E.D.D says?

Like "Welcome to the Yellow stone park" and stuff... And as this guy said the sun gets brighter, maybe Tranzit Bus Depot is in early morning, and if you bring HIM or Avargado monster i belive thats his name to the place you might get night which can get you to the night shift so you can actually travel on a night shift and see all those weird things... Yeah....

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Amount of codeing spent on hiding something so hidden with very minimal clues? That sounds like flushing 4700$ down the drain... If there is a lighting change it's from placing the turbine and effecting the lighting by the lightning... Purhaps the nav card machine will allow that to happen with the new dlcs.... But not now... It simply doesn't fit....

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ok i was wrong on the part about the sun but i did figure out that it gives more power i ran around the map and looked certion lights are on so the clue is the poster power by 3.o 2 turbines at bus depot and one at the pylon triangle i think correct me if im wrong but doesnt richtofen say after about the computer and the nav card thingy i think were suppose to give more power to the nav card table thats why it isnt working not enough power maybe after we shoot the table we suppose to put the turbines at those electric boxs at bus depot or before that its right in front of us and were missing it i tried to do it solo but my interntet kicked me off before i could shoot the table or try anything

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