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Marlton hinting at die rise?

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He makes a reference saying 'I wouldnt trade this for all the tea in china, if there is even a china anymore'. Just stating this since in the background of the die rise in the gamestop poster there is asian writing on the wrecked buildings.

I've actually never heard him say that before.. I've heard one of the other guys say something about atlantis.

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don't mean to sound rude or destroy your find but I think it's because china's tea is very good and he got a weapon that was so good, that he wouldn't trade the gun for all of the good tea in china.

He only says "even if there is a china anymore" because the apocalypse has started and he doesnt know if china has been destroyed or not.

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The one thing I want is when the last dlc map for zombies drops I just wanna play as the 04 and go out with style and originality :lol::D

Oh that's un-debateable, the O4 almost HAVE to be in the final dlc, there can be survival maps showing the origins of the green run team, but the origional 4 are the best, and will always be the best, to end the season with!

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