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Hello this is my fully explained strategy for high round survival on Town map:

Firstly on round one: shoot roughly 6-8 bullets to the body of the normal (not on fire) zombies and about 2-4 bullets to the body/legs of the ones that are on fire then knife.

then by round 3 a full clip and a half then knife.

so by round 3 or 4 you should have around 3000 to 4500 points now open the Juggernaut room door and you need to buy the MP5 on the wall. Survive in that room at the edge of the hole facing the middle of the map so you have an easy escape if you get over run and you are also very close to the ammo if you run out.


Once you have jugg, if you have enough buy double tap because now in BLOPSII it does twice as much damage as well as firing two bullets at a time, making it a lot faster when shooting down the zombies.

Next is probably the most important part of the entire strategy you should "TRAIN" (run the zombies in circles) around the part next to the entrance to the jugg room because it is the best idea for bullet conservation and at the end of the first training round buy quick revive and ammo if needed.

Now you will be set up for high round survival, just make sure that if you buy a gun from the box you do so at the end of a round leaving one zombie so you are not stuck in a corner plus always leave one space empty on your perk "bar" encase you get an RPD or hammer because then you can choose between speed cola or stamina-up

good luck and please if you have any comments or if you have a better idea leave them below and I will read them all

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That train spot between the apartment and bank is good only for so long. In the later rounds, you can easily get trapped if you're not careful, once they start jumping out of the burning building and coming from the back entrance and from the bank at the same time.

Personally, I like to start the train there and run it to where StaminUp (I prefer this over Speed Cola too) is at, or above the bar if there are too many. Also, Mustang & Sally (preferably imo) or any high splash weapon is a must, along with monkey bombs... ALWAYS hit that box until you get yourself some monkey bombs.

I've grown fond of the PaP Executioner as of late. 1 hit kill up to round 30 w/ double tap.

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The circle by jugg gets ridiculously dangerous as you near the higher rounds (30ish), with 2 people one near stamina-up and one near jugg it is manageable much longer, but on solo it becomes a death trap quite quickly.

Usually turns into cutback after cutback after cutback and is an easy way to burn yourself out early.

Like said above you will get bad spawns were you get zombies coming down jugg stairs, falling from above, coming from bar, crossing middle lava pit, and coming from dtap simultaneously.

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Survival on Town is so easy if you use logic.


There are 2 buildings across from each other that have holes in the wall where no zombies can come in, but you can drop out.


It's commonly referred to as 'The Figure 8' strategy, and can carry 4 players who know exactly what they are doing to as many rounds as you can pull off before someone simply has to stop playing to log off.


If you have 4 people meandering the streets aimlessly looking for kills until someone gets put in a bad spot, I won't even stay in the game, lol.


Green Run/Town/Survival is literally COD Zombies for Dummies.


I'd like to add that for this strategy to work properly, everyone must stay together. There is a specific time for box/perk runs, and it's near the end of or between rounds.


The direction of all zombies must be uniform, and your team must be able to read the situation. Don't be afraid to bail early, bailing too late is much, much worse. Know when to drop down, and how to drop down. You have 4 people, one guy can be responsible for keeping the street semi-clear when it only takes 2 to keep the 2nd floor of the bar clear up to the 30s.


Also: HEADSHOTS, HEADSHOTS. HEADSHOTS. if they aren't exactly your wheelhouse, you're not exactly reaching your max potential.


Go on single player, start on easy with headshots only active. Practice your aim until it's instinctual, then graduate to Original Headshot Only sessions.

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