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  1. This map is damn hard... I love it! So much to do in this map, it's amazing.
  2. Children of Technology -- No Man's Land/ Nuclear Armed Dogs/ Screams from the Earth Danzig -- Am I Demon?/ Long Way Back From Hell Tragedy -- Beginning of the End/ Eyes of Madness Ramones -- Commando/ I'm Affected/ I Wanna Live Repulsion -- Radiation Sickness Ripper -- Alive Amebix -- The Power Remains Death -- Zombie Ritual/ Their first 3 albums Sacrilege -- At Death's Door Sepultura -- Troops of Doom Skeptix --Death and Destruction Slaughter & the Dogs -- Don't Wanna Die The Cramps -- Aloha From Hell Toxic Holocaust -- Sacrifice/ Hell on Earth/ Bitch Youth Brigade -- Did You Wanna Die? Destruction -- Mad Butcher Disorder -- Complete Disorder Motorhead -- Ace of Spades/ Speedfreak/ Remember Me, I'm Gone Prince -- Let's Go Crazy/ I Would Die 4 You Rage Against the Machine -- Sleep Now in the Fire A Global Threat -- Cut Ups/ In the Red 7 (album)/ Here We Are (Album) Anti Cimex -- Victims of a Bomb Raid (Album)/ Braincell Battle Avskum -- Bullshit Defenders/ There Is No Need for Crying Clan of Xymox -- No Words/ A Day Discharge -- Everything they released from 1980-1982. Fall of Efrafa -- Owsla LP Inepsy -- Germ Warfare/ Who's Next?/ R'n'R Babylon/ The Aftermath of Progress/ Madness and Overkill Christian Death -- Cavity/ Figurative Theatre/ Romeo's Distress/ Spiritual Camp Ludicra -- Collapse/ Awake To Grey Midnight -- All Hail Hell/ I Am Violator/ Hot Graves Iron Maiden -- Prowler/ Sanctuary/ Twilight Zone/ Run to the Hills/ The Evil That Men Do/ Wrathchild/ Powerslave Judas Priest -- Running Wild/ Tyrant/ The Hellion-Electric Eye/ Starbreaker/ Beyond the Realms of Death Megadeth -- Killing is my Business/ The Skull Beneath the Skin/ Wake Up Dead/ My Last Words TSOL -- Code Blue Uproar -- Rebel Youth/ Better Off Dead/ Die For Me Venom -- At War With Satan
  3. I like this strategy a lot. It's so helpful. I came across a random group last night that did something similar to this. We all went down the elevator, picked up keys, and one player used the key to send the other three back up to spawn while he turned on the power and made his way back to the trample steam room. By that time, the trample steam had been built and we stayed in that room until the crawler round, where we put trample steams in front of us adjacent to the B23R to get the free perk. Good stuff
  4. I was running a train in the tunnel during a high round, and I heard the bus coming. I thought nothing of it. One of the randoms happened to be on the bus, so while I was running backwards shooting down my train I got trapped by the zombies that were following the bus. Note to self: avoid the bus when it's passing down the tunnel lol.
  5. I have one for Tranzit and one for Town. TranZit M16, then eventually the Skullcrusher DSR Pack-a-Punch w/ Iron Sights Perks in order Juggernog StaminUp Quick Revive Double Tap Galvaknuckles Zombie Shield Claymores Semtex Monkeys I also get the M16 while passing the tunnel for the first time. Then I take the shortcut to town to withdrawal money to buy everything else I need. If the power isn't on by then, I would leave my turbine on jug and run to the power to turn it on. After getting everything noted above, I just run trains in the tunnel for the rest of the game. Town MP5 and eventually the Kollider or Lamentation DSR Pack-a-Punch w/ Iron Sights Perks in order Double Tap Juggernog StaminUp Quick Revive Semtex Galvaknuckles Monkeys I hate running out of ammo in high rounds, so my setups always include an off the wall gun.
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