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  1. Tested for light emission on TranZit/360/Live, standard edition disk. Could not find light emission. Further thought put in lead to a few creative design theories: Element 115 reacting with the explosion What remains of the human soul departing the body That's just in the event this is simply a creative design choice. The element 115 theory got me thinking, though. What if it is some form of Element 115 energy? Ideas on how to test Energy Applications: Various devices including but not necessarily limited to the TAM 23, Turbine, Electro Trap, and Turret My idea is perhaps setting them out activated and kill as many light zombies as close to the device as possible, hopefully feeding it self-sustaining power or something? This could also be tested with dropped items, if you can leave a device at a certain location, and kill light zombies around it, maybe it will power up and start working on auto, without consuming your item slot? (Wishful thinking ^_^) Most of this testing would require multiplayer. Perk Machines. Total tally of 'Under Lamppost Kills' (in other words try killing up to hundreds of light zombies under the same lamp in one session. Not easy, but.) For some reason I personally feel if there is some hidden secret here, the location of application would be just far enough from the nearest source of lava that timing would be of the essence, because zombies will only stay on fire for so long.
  2. My mind is drawn directly to this for some reason. It's odd that it exists, even more odd that it exists only in TranZit mode. There must be some use, some small application. I'm in Tranzit right now, as soon as I get to the diner I am going to camp and start testing some stuff.
  3. I may have a theory on this you can test. What if the light is caused by what you could call "overkill damage"? So for the sake of a loose example, take a flaming zombie, give it let's say, 5% of it's max health remaining. You come along and deliver a killing blow valued at let's say 40% damage, and as a result, the explosion creates a light animation. Just something to consider when testing this out, maybe try different damage levels prior to the kill. You've got my interest and I will be looking into this later tonight.
  4. I'm going to look into this. On Live as well as solo, I'm on 360 as well, standard edition Blops 2 disk.
  5. Survival on Depot I assume? Well I always like to hunker down in the depot for the first 5 waves (roughly). I do this for ease and comfort of geostrategic positioning. Once you open that door, things get messy and we lose a considerable amount of control over our environment. Within the Depot, there are only 4 windows, one for each player. It's extremely easy to control this area until that door opens. I also like to show up at the box with substantial points to spend on it. Usually I buy the M14, just in case the box decides to be difficult. I too love the camp spot behind the building, but it's not easy unless you have an experienced team. Usually when doing well coordinated sessions of this map, There is a bit of a system to that camp site. First of all you need the proper hardware. There is no speed cola, so camping in a death trap spot with an RPD, probably not your finest hour. ^_^ I prefer an Galil, Mtar, Ray, hell even the H4M3R has improved reload speed over the RPD. If you have a good team, your allies will exercise some common sense and actually develop a routine where at no point in time, is every player reloading. This is the worst case scenario. 4 players in a death trap unloading their ammo with reckless abandon. I actually subscribe to the belief that in order to camp here, you need at least 1 player with an LMG, RPD, H4M3R, anything with a large enough clip to cover your allies whilst thy reload. That is pretty much my strategy on Depot. Always adapt, always have a contingency plan or exit strategy. Positioning is important to me, as I hate training. It's so repetitive and boring, not to mention risky by nature. I am more of a logistics and statistics type player.
  6. I never really noticed the light effect, at least not in any capacity that would warrant suspicion or extended interest. The Electro Trap is beautiful, but it's a pain in the ass. The reason you don't see most people using it is because it requires a Turbine to power it, making it very clumsy and troublesome to operate, often requiring the assistance of another with a Turbine. The Trap will actually kill zombies almost instantly up to about round 40-50, a sustained power source being the only catch. Back in the day my brother and I would use them to block doorways in order to camp for a minute. We put it in the Bookstore Doorway in the Town area, back by the Olympia. I miss those days, when things like that still had novelty. ^_^ I find most of the Blops 2 gadgets go unused. The Springboard in Buried was one of my favorite. Everyone found it to be useless, but I wouldn't give up on it, lol. Most people are aware of the camp spot in the Saloon. You can go upstairs, and there's this on L-shaped hallway with a dead end, but a hole in the wall where you can drop down back onto the main floor. Well I got this idea... lol. What if we set up the Springboard precisely where we'd land when dropping out of the wall, and in return, it would launch us clear of any zombies crowding the main bar floor. It worked fairly well, wasn't fail proof, but it made that spot a lot more secure, and fun, lol.
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