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  1. Yes, the Jin Mao Tower, but only when you enter the map menu, where you see the overhead shot, and can click on Die Rise mode. You see the tower so clearly; this massive dark mass. It's almost ominous, begs you to ponder just what is it, and why it's there. Well, to me anyway. 'XDvantages EDIT: I came back to write another thread about the use of Tombstone, and its objective advantages over the classic Quick Revive struggle. This thread may very well have a heavier handed delivery, because the struggle is real. Even if I can get 2 out of 3 to use Tomb, 1 out of those 2 will refuse
  2. I remember when Die Rise first came out, people thought that tower was a secret location, and everyone was trying to "get over there". What's interesting about it, is that you can see it very plainly on the menu screen when you click into the Map. It's like boom, right there, drawing the eye immediately (treyarch has a sick sense of humor with this type of stuff, they still have some people going mad over obscure details of maps, 5 years later :P). I admit my mind sometimes wonders to this tower and the possibility of reaching it, but it's a pointless endeavor, as every stone in Bl
  3. I think 90% of these numbers were put there to mess with the people who over analyze the ever living fuck out of every last detail on every last zombie map. Treyarch has a wonderful sense of humor. :D
  4. The glowing eyes has always represented Element 115. Design just changed over the titles. Now they may be running a retcon to cover this up.
  5. All those tidbits are wonderful, but again, I'm talking full scale, playable story line mode. Not any variant of survival. They way I'd like it is a campaign/story mode that doesn't sacrifice the COD Zombies elements and vibes too much, particularly where the zombies are concerned, and spawn mechanics. You don't have to abandon waves to facilitate a campaign-style map, it would just make it harder, which is what I want. This could be done for certain maps, and still have modes like survival and grief.
  6. Posting extremely late, but, I disagree with this. Classic zombies is AMAZING, and there should always be a survival mode, but COD Zombies could greatly benefit from a more compelling, engaging story mode where you actually have detailed story progression, much more complex maps, and actual objectives to complete maps and move one cohesive story line along to a conclusion or perhaps alternate endings. Treyarch might feel like some cutscenes would ruin the Zombies experience, but we the players have been grinding waves for almost a decade now. Some major growth is desperately needed
  7. Tested for light emission on TranZit/360/Live, standard edition disk. Could not find light emission. Further thought put in lead to a few creative design theories: Element 115 reacting with the explosion What remains of the human soul departing the body That's just in the event this is simply a creative design choice. The element 115 theory got me thinking, though. What if it is some form of Element 115 energy? Ideas on how to test Energy Applications: Various devices including but not necessar
  8. My mind is drawn directly to this for some reason. It's odd that it exists, even more odd that it exists only in TranZit mode. There must be some use, some small application. I'm in Tranzit right now, as soon as I get to the diner I am going to camp and start testing some stuff.
  9. In addition to archaic survival mode, a Campaign Mode, but far more subdued and within the COD Zombies vibe. Just a mode with actual objectives people can't ignore because it's not generic survival on a closed circuit map. Throw in more elaborate maps, more exploration, same easter egg etiquette. For me personally, a campaign mode would make it more engaging over-all.
  10. Thank you. I don't usually use explosives, hardly ever. My dismemberment count must come from my love for headshots. Often when aiming for the head, a hand will get in the way and be blown clean off. I have a fairly high volume of gibs for someone who only really deploys monkey bombs when I have them, or the odd strategic simtex.
  11. You may have saw my thread explaining that I was quitting Blops 2 Zombies. Well... I can't stay away, even if it means suffering through shit sessions with complete incompetents. I have an inquiry for all the CODZ veterans relating to Career Stats. Something that has been driving me crazy. One of the stats is commonly called "Gibs". It's far right, middle row. The icon is a zombie hand extended in anticipation of a fresh down. Word around the campfire is, this Stat represents how many times zombies have damaged you. My problem is, the numbers don
  12. This is very likely, far more likely than basing it on his personality, I totally agree. But even form the start you have Maxis, the father figure, brilliant scientist, but he is reluctant to create weapons for the Nazis. He sort of painted as the protagonist from square 1. Then you have Richtofen, hired by Maxis as his subordinate, which ticks Richtofen off. He also grows paranoid and suspicious of Maxis, thinking that he will betray them and claim their work as his own. He longs for power, longs to gain access to the Aether to become all-powerful. I mean his character certainly f
  13. Who? Who is usurping what? What isn't important to the larger scheme of things? This is my understanding of it, as it has always been, and given recent research into the plot itself, canon; what we know for certain. This is all about the Apothicons, always has been, always will be. But they aren't the type of character you put front and center, hell, they never even make it on stage. We are talking about extra-dimensional beings here, and I'll get into that later. The Apothicons distributed the Element 115, this entire situation is of
  14. I may have a theory on this you can test. What if the light is caused by what you could call "overkill damage"? So for the sake of a loose example, take a flaming zombie, give it let's say, 5% of it's max health remaining. You come along and deliver a killing blow valued at let's say 40% damage, and as a result, the explosion creates a light animation. Just something to consider when testing this out, maybe try different damage levels prior to the kill. You've got my interest and I will be looking into this later tonight.
  15. I'm going to look into this. On Live as well as solo, I'm on 360 as well, standard edition Blops 2 disk.
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