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Live Blog: The Schism


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We're off for the night.

Things to note:


1. Tower alternates in red and blue lights

2. When looking at door handle, light beams shooting in can change color of tower to purple.

3. Red sparkle on laundromat door


1. Characters are not based on the so called "sides" that we established in a previous thread. Just because I did the Maxis side did not guarantee me Misty or Marlton and vice versa.

2. Nothing happens to wires by Jugg.

3. When all four people look at door, nothing happens.


1. We need to look at the Morse code and see where that brings us. I know MrRoflWaffles has a great video on it that we were looking at tonight. I think that could be very helpful in leading us to where we need to go next.

2. Has anyone tried killing the Avogadro Zombie by the church? We thought about this because of that concept art that had the church being struck by lightning.

Overall, we did not get as much accomplished as we had wished, but we did debunk and prove some theories. I do think the 2 of each side is the right idea. We'll try again soon and hope to have more ideas of where to go and what to do. Hopefully we can get this thing cracked soon.

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We're definitely testing killing electro boy by the church. Look at the lights going up the tower. they make a steeple. And when the steeple completes, lightning strikes the top portion of the light steeple. The best part of all of this? there are metal beams that the light should crawl up to make the steeple. When the lights tilt and go toward each other at the top of the tower, they are no longer following the tower. This may be our hint that the developers are dropping.

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What's on the docket tonight? We'll be hunting again so if you have any theories you want us to test out, drop them here.

I'm going to say beforehand that if your theory involves looking at the laundromat door, it probably will be pushed down the list. I understand there are lights, but I also think that discovery has hindered this search for weeks now.

I do want to test out killing Avogadro by the church. Is there anything else people want us to try?

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I doubt the shield can reflect the beams..

1. the beams are random and dont stay long

2. the beams go through the buildings, hows a car door gonna reflect that?

3. you cant reflect the beam that goes to the do because it goes through the walls right next to the door, no way to access it to reflect it

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