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  1. I don't think it would BE die rise, because that map is in Asia. But, it could just be a allusion to that map perhaps.
  2. Thee Crater

    Bus Routes

    This actually makes sense. When I was playing last night with my friend, we noticed a sign off in the distance in the town that he thought said "NO ON" He wasnt very smart so i corrected him and told him that it was "MO ON' moon. perhaps we truly are trying to send a message back to the moon.
  3. While the Kills/Death ratio theory seems likely, you all have seem to have forgotten the the rank goes down after you don't play for a while. How could this be possible if it is based on K/D?
  4. I am Thee Crater, and as was mentioned in the OP, I was in the game and saw the light as well.

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