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  1. @bob All of the characters do this. I enjoy this little detail a lot. They start to reflect on their life. It makes the home game feel more realistic.
  2. Exactly Fated, they shouldn't be there. They were sent there by someone.
  3. I was thinking about something, not sure if it was mentioned in this thread, but someone was talking about perks being from the future. Perhaps they are phasing in and out becuase they were actually "teleported" or brought here from the future, as if someone is trying to help the M4. This is speculation, of course, but food for thought.
  4. @TheBsZombie FatedTitan and I were discussing this exact thing last night when we were playing. The only conclusion that we could come to was that if he were a demon, (which in this thread we are assuming he is, not the warden)he could be able to summon multiples of himself at the same time. He is a demon, he has special powers. The same could be said to explain how he comes back after you "kill" him.
  5. I guess one thing to ponder about, is why would there be electric chairs on the Golden Gate bridge in the first place? Perhaps someone had to have known about the cycle to place them there?
  6. What better way to gain someones trust? Don't forget, we are dealing with a genius who has had pre-recorded messages set in place years in advanced. We obviously know he has the capability to pull something like this off.
  7. So now, I guess, we are back to the original question? Who do we help? Who do we want to take control? Is it a "lesser of two evils" type thing? Or is richtofen the good guy again?
  8. Right now we are preparing to have another run at it tonight. Bout to begin soon.
  9. Titan and I and DEFINITLY making another run tonight, and once again be going updates and debunking theories. We have Naxos, of anyone has Richtofen, pm me or add me Xbox live: Thee Crater. We will be going around 9:00, 9:30 ct
  10. While on the topic of light orbs and sparkly boxes, when I was attempting to get the beams, I noticed the beam sometimes he the door and the door would sparkle too. I'm not sure of this has been mentioned or not yet, but I just wanted to throw it out there.
  11. Why would it have nothing to do with it? That doesn't even make any sense. It's one of the only leads we have so far, it's how you get the lights to show up, so why would it not matter?
  12. We will be going again tonight testing out more theories
  13. If the part was required then it would tell you, be because when you don't have all of the parts, it says "parts required" if the spool was truly needed then it would still say "parts required"
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