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  1. It has always happened once you have completed one of the sides of ToB
  2. Idk Maybe i giant ass radio tower which has a NAV Table Underneath it ? To create a scalene triangle you only need three lamp posts.. scalene triangle by definition is a triangle with no equal lengths or angles.. so the scalene triangle could be made elsewhere with the 3 lamp posts, and the tower would not be in the middle of it.
  3. I have obtained the mms on the m8a1 in my last game and scanned all of the traincars i could find... i found nothing.. from the outside.. if you think about it the only way to can see things through the walls with the mms is the enemy that is movies.. (zombies or denizens) i also used it to look in thick grass under the semis and other obstacles. i was unable to finish my scanning because zombies + lava don't mix. the places i was able to scan was the cabin, power station, corn field, farm, train cars, and along the sides in the fog in-between them. places i missed was town, bus depot, diner, nacht, and bridge. One of the things that intrigued me about the poem was saying that we run over it all the time and don't notice.. well if you look at the cracks on the ground outside the cabin it looks like they say "252" i don't know if that has any significance or not. If your in theater mode you can fly through the hole in the roof at the cabin and be on top of the cabin. this is the only time I've seen where you can go somewhere with a camera that the player cannot (except for camera mode glitching out side of the map). So if someone wants to continue the scanning in the places i missed, feel free and keep us informed. Or if anyone has any thoughts on the writing at the cabin post them.
  4. All of the train cars have the electric symbol on them, I believe
  5. I doubt the shield can reflect the beams.. 1. the beams are random and dont stay long 2. the beams go through the buildings, hows a car door gonna reflect that? 3. you cant reflect the beam that goes to the do because it goes through the walls right next to the door, no way to access it to reflect it
  6. We should possibly try doing something when all the portals are lit with Denezins..
  7. One guess is look at the sedans around the map, or sedan backwards is 'nades' Any other suggestions?
  8. If y'all still need someone who has done the richtofen side, my GT is xiques
  9. Fated still looking for someone?
  10. So while I was playing I noticed the red/blue lines that everyone has been talking about.. hoping that it would show up in theater mode it did.. But this was the only line that was visible in theater mode and i was able to pause it and find its origin. It started in the Forest Cafe that is located right behind the bank.
  11. xiques


    My roommate and I have been able to play 2 different songs through the teddy bears, the only one we haven't heard yet is the skrillex one.
  12. Did you pause the game while you were flying around through the less dense fog?
  13. It actually sounds very similar to that, just a shorter length.
  14. It seems semi faint but more like it is coming from the door inside the laundry mat, it took somewhere around 3-5 minute play time to hear it.
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