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  1. I will call the last map the end of the 'Maxis vs Richtofen' Arc. Then we set off continueing where the last Arc left off in the next gen console.
  2. A quote from a character named John Smith from a nice movie Called Felon 'You protect your family at all costs. Even if you're forced to kill again. Because if i had to, I'd wipe out the whole planet to get mine back.' I think it fit's well with Maxis. He is not evil just really want to get his daughter back.
  3. Maybe shape the planet into his own world? The 4th Reich Cometh? nahhh He has Aether like powers now, anything is possible for him now. As soon as i heard in tranzit him saying he cant do physical changes YET that it was gonna result in him doing something in aether.
  4. My opinion is that there is a 3rd all mighty presence at work here. Like i've been hearing and reading so much about Stuhlinger hearing another voice BESIDES Richtofen, I know someone in the forums have mentioned and reasearched into it, and honestly I wouldnt be surprised if that 3rd voice (I haven't brushed up on my reading around the forums lately) takes control away from either of those two. I feel this story line will continue into the Next Gen Console Call of Duty.
  5. I don't think he is evil, Honesstly he just wants his daughter back. I mean what parent wouldnt do anything to get their child back. or at first he wants to get his daughter back then he still wants to rule whatevers left of the world with his daughter at his side. A little Family Ruling. Either way, he is gonna open a gateway to Agartha, and if anything is clear, when in-game characters start saying the name of a place sometimes its the likely-hood of it being the next map. Not saying it is, but hell back in WaW in Shi-no-Numa that recording to 'Contain' Der Riese practically said 'hey your going here next have fun!' and it was true. Not saying it could happen but it's a possibility. But in Question: how will the choices you made from previous maps effect the last? Im sure tons of people have done: Richtofens Side of the Egg on:Tranzit, Die Rise, Buried. and Ton's of other people done Maxis Egg on the previous maps as well. So who's ever side you complete this easter egg, will affect the next map? ugh more questions.
  6. So...what the blue hell happens to Richtofen? Are there gonna be two Announcers now? if so Oh joy I can see the two arguing it out over who get's to say 'Insta-Kill', or 'MaxAmmo'. Imagine the possiblities the next DLC, 8 man easter egg hunt N4 + O4= Each side can do either Maxis or Richtofens Easter Egg as usual, haha silly. Thinking of it now get's my mind boggled! We must find answer to what happens with richtofen.
  7. So it's being established that the DoT of this map will be 1941-1963 that a big gap we have... But perhaps the Easter Egg will shed some light suppose? You think the EE will be a spinoff of CotD? It would be nice....maybe. Having the O4 or N4 trapped somewhere. Which brings me to a retrospect on 'purgatory' does time affect 'Purgatory'? I've come with a hunch, if in Purgatory we go when we die, we have objectives too, it's probably predictable purgatory is gonna play a vital key somehow in the EE, perhaps, Maybe, we save one of the crew from 'purgatory'? The O4 seems likely as we don't really know if they've gotten off 'Moon' alive or dead. But then again it is a hunch. I stray. 1941-1963 big gap in the prime of the story.
  8. Then that Wonderweapon is a walking Lawsuit waiting to happen, there's nothing worse then arguing it out in court with a zombie lawyer. Haha. Onto guessing ideas. I'm personally thinking and or hunching it melts the zombies into goo. We are long overdue for a MeltingyWonderweaponythingy.
  9. I noticed that as well. I have ith the hunchy. Maybe 1 by 1 the tranzit characters all suffer fatal doom and get replaced by the O4 who have seemed to be teleported into different parts of the earth, Takeo has teleported to china, down goes Marlton, and then we go to Russia, in another MP, another Tranzit character goes away, hello Nikolai, and then we go to Merica (again) we lose sadly another tranzit member, then We say hi too Dempsey, and then finally back to Germany, the last character of Tranzit goes and we are whole as a family, with Sammy:) and we wait for BO3 and I'm totally just thinking I'm losing my mind. Joke theory from me. Lol. how I BELIVE the Tranzit 4 got there (China) is probably from the Denizen teleporters.
  10. a how the Tranzit 4 got there hopefully will be answered in the map itself just like how the explanation of burning rock coming from the sky in the trailer. What can be acquired in this new map, and what will it hold for story line elements.
  11. So the Tranzit 4 somehow made it to the far east, and to mention the fact that Burning debris is falling from the sky! How will this feather to the Story line. I feel like this Map will hurt my brain with everything looking parrelled, but the new game mode is badass something everyone actually wanted to be a zombie:)
  12. I have yet to see if anyone has tried seeing if those beams of light can be reflected from the zombie shield. Ifit has been done and nothing happens. Then phooey.
  13. All the buildable's have some story to them:)
  14. So yeah, real simple question, has anyone tried to see if the beam going to the bank can be reflected of the zombie shield? I would love to try, I just don't have the egg complete yet :D
  15. You up to playing a game right now? Titan?
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