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Considering ALL the storyline info...


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So, Being a huge diehard fan of the zombies storyline since the beginning, and a fan of ARGs, After looking back at the entire plotline of Zombies, Treyarch has actually made a shiver go up my spine.

Think about it, they have linked together almost all of the major conspiracy theories of our time into one, solid backstory that mostly precedes the zombies themselves. Not to mention (though they did say otherwise) how the campaign and zombies seemed to link in multiple locations, and connect real-world happenings with modern-day conspiracies.

One thing that made me almost laugh, was the very first mission in Black Ops, when raiding Fidel's mansion.... Doesn't the exact way they did it sound VERY similar to the how they 'supposedly' caught Osama? And then both the body, and the witnesses are killed or disappear? Kinda strange how Treyarch did that....

Not to mention how many times they've linked the Illuminati into the storyline, pretty subliminally now to those who don't look for it. As well as at one point calling themselves Illuminati through a quote "I have been recognized by Treyar- err.... The Illuminati."

But in all seriousness this makes me wonder if anyone agrees that, quite possibly, Treyarch either are illuminati or are trying to make the world more aware of a possibility of them really playing puppeteer in our world?

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I don't think Treyarch are any kind of cult nor the Illuminati. They are just making a game. You're right in that they have many dark themes. Zombies, Nazis, Soviets, JFK's demise, Vril-Ya, Illuminati references, and some say there are Satanic references. It makes for an interesting game and story.

Agreed. This is one of the best side-games of a major game, ever.

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IDK there might be hidden meanings an u wouldn't know they might be trying to brain wash us... im not sayin but im just sayin

Well they brainwashed me to believe in zombies. Along with every other zombie game, TV show, and movie in America. How many is that? Over 1,000,000? Yeah...By the way welcome to CoDZ!

well there you go sir they may brainwashed us but still so worth it

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