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  1. I just play der riese fuck that shit screw moon
  2. dont worry if we were satanist we would use this :twisted: zombie killing time :shock:
  3. but if shoot them they act as if they'ed been hit by a stun granade
  4. did you know if you snipe him with a pap snipe rifle between the eye's he'll emplode
  5. That's a true statement right there! I love just taking a break from zombie killing to screw with some other people! Grief is a great way to relax from the intense high rounds of zombies i started cutting them in half :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  6. and let the blood rain red for its the begging of the end
  7. i love tainting them at the pack-a-punch machine,emp-ing the box,and mokey bombing down enemies
  8. welp wait till the get ahold of me love :twisted:
  9. Ditto. I really enjoy following someone from the other team for a while and just standing behind them, in front of them, constantly knife them. You can kind of tell when you've mind (bleeped) them too. I try go get just enough kills to get what I need and then just lead rape trains to downed opponents or to the box location. Douche it to the limit! i just spartan people into th pit of fire while looking like a drug lord...if that isn't douchy idk what is
  10. some how i can only get the wenchester rifle inn greif is that weird
  11. thats just nasty bro MURDER ME RED BLOOD WHORES!!!!!!!!!
  12. i troll greif bye emp'ing the pack-a-puch machine when they try and upgrade there gun so that they die in the fire pit
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