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[NEW]12 Semptember 2012 , Easter Egg Findings!

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so I was playing recently , and I've noticed many new things:

Red Fuse Boxes:

Theyy have different wires on them , as example , the one near the Teleporter has 1 , on the right has 5 , on the beginning has 4 , you think this is an order for a sequence?[1] (People have said that once they did that the floor "Exploded").[2]

G11 , G115 ?

When playing the reel #2 , someone says , I can't wait to see what does the G11 do outside the box, and shockingly , when you pick up the G11 outside of the box , the Movie Reels CHANGE! (#2 must be visible[3]) , the eye will change , so you have to PaP G11 and shoot the pupil of the eye , and you can see JD_2020 (not confirmed , but many people said so).[4]

115 Suffix , is actually Six Times?

G115 Generator ? Have you noticed , there are "6" weapons named 115?[5]

    [*:1jaofi33]g11=g115 Generator

together they are GHRDLMP , think it is a cipher or hex or anything?

people are saying that these weapons have something to do with the mystery (G11 Generator shoots the 6 generators across the map , and opens the fuses). (Need confirmation , But on Fuses , a weird thing happened when I did it , the fuses exploded? Dont know if it was the G115 or my friends).[6]

Nope , Chuck Testa

-AUG , isn't an easter egg:

When using AUG , and PaPing it , it is AUG-50M3 , which means aug-some in l33t language.[5]

So guys , what do you think?


[1]http://www.thetechgame.com/Archives/t=641848/beware-the-6-kin-der-toten.html Post #1

[2]http://www.thetechgame.com/Archives/t=641848/beware-the-6-kin-der-toten/start=10.html post #14

[3]http://www.thetechgame.com/Archives/t=641848/beware-the-6-kin-der-toten/start=20.html post #22

[4]http://www.thetechgame.com/Archives/t=641848/beware-the-6-kin-der-toten/start=20.html post #21


[6]When I was playing , and I read that thread , I played and got G115 Generator , shot the 6 Generators , then went back to a fuse box I didnt hit , and shot it (in the dressing room) then an explosion happened , then I saw a friend run away , it could be the weapon or him , still couldn't try it though , school is here ;(

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When you take out G11 from the mystery box , the character says Oh! I wonder what it will do outside the box (which means PaPed).

When you PaP it a new Film Reel Plays. Then you shoot the eye , and you see a hidden picture.

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I have just tried them , When I shoot the red boxes with the G115 , They just get their door fall off easily , and when I took out the G11 from the mystery box , the film reel changed , so I PaPed it and shot the eye , then I saw JD written on it.I wish I took some screenshots! DAMN!

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the reason why those 6 guns have 115 in their name, is because when you PaP them, you add element 115 to the gun, which makes it stronger.

That applies to every gun. Pretty much anything fictional in zombies is powered by 115. Pack-a-Punch, perks, zombies, anything.

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well, at CODZ, we gotta have film or photo proof, im sorry dude

If you want film or photo proof, why don't you just play it and check it yourself?

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If you want to see, the most effective way is to find out what character said it and YouTube all their Kino Der Toten map quotes, then spend 20-30 minutes going through them all. That's what I do and it helps me a ton.

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