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Zombies in the future?

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There is no evidence yet that the Zombies Storyline will occur during the future, though they do have to add the MP weapons somehow to Zombies. I think time travel is inminent. Oh Treyarch, why did you put yourself in this situation? :facepalm:

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Why does it "need" to have the MP weapons in it?

Because they're not going to design "new" weapons that fit the era of the Zombie Storyline. Just take Call Of The Dead for example: it happens in the present day, yet they still use Cold War weapons. Or Shangri La, how come a civilization from thousands of years ago has Cold War weapons within their temples (Richtofen couldn't bring the weapons himself since the last time he was in Shangri La was in WW2 times). So they have to include the game's weapons, to reduce a bit of extra work.

Unless the quote about BO2 Zombies being the most ambitious refers to variety, then my hypothesis is mostly correct.

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They just need to use the old ones they don't need to make completely new ones (beside the Wounder Weapons.) I mean they did it for the revamped old maps on BO why not do it now again. An the temple in Shangri-La was built by Group 935 to resemble an old temple so it's not as old as you think. As to when it was built i'm uncertain.

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