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Sabotaging Richtofens Plans

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This is my story for the next cod. Okay since Richthofen now has complete control over the zombies and Samantha is in Richthofen's body and the world is basically destroyed and dempsey, takeo, nikolia, and samantha are stuck killing zombies until they die what if they managed to overload the area 51 teleporter with the wave or zap gun and go back in time taking a few cold war weapons (the fans favorites) and try to sabotage richtofens plans as easter eggs on the next cod zombie maps like in a different part in der riese and all other group 935 facilities, but in the end they find out that because they thought they were sabotaging richtofens plans they were just setting all the events that make richtofen control the zombies and in the last map in order to do the final easter egg you have to have all previous map packs so you can jump back to the maps to correct your errors you made in the previous maps in which you thought you were sabotaging richtofen and once you have corrected the errors maxis will try to mass produce the ray gun and dg-2 but it is to late the allied forces capture all scientists and all the wunderwaffe pieces like what really happened at the end of WWII but instead of capturing only nazi scientists all group 935 scientists thus making sure richtofen doesnt find the M.P.D. tell me what you think and try to improve my story (i can take a bad review.

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Oh my God, this could be fantastic! The game could be centered around cutscenes and instead of a generic shoot and kill until you die, it could be you would actually have to do certain things in each map (including the originals) and then there would be really good cutscenes. Jampacked with emotion and action! Huzzah! And maybe at the end you would have to kill the original Richtofen, who's a normal sane man and you have to kill an innocent man before he turns into the evil doombringer of the planet.

And he'd be all crying and begging for his life and you could either kill him, and the game would fade to black and the credits would end and it'd tell you what the three characters, Takeo, Tank and Nikolai, are doing now. Or if you spared him, the present Richtofen would teleport behind you and katchaw! Stab you and then the screen fades to black and you hear Richtofen say "You tried to kill me? You went through all that to kill me and yet you spare me?!" And you hear a punching sound and Tank groan. "You have dug your grave, American. All of you have."

i mean


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Interesting idea but dont forget, Treyarch themselves, said they would never do cutscenes in game. It takes away from the core too much.

Posting extremely late, but, I disagree with this. Classic zombies is AMAZING, and there should always be a survival mode, but COD Zombies could greatly benefit from a more compelling, engaging story mode where you actually have detailed story progression, much more complex maps, and actual objectives to complete maps and move one cohesive story line along to a conclusion or perhaps alternate endings.


Treyarch might feel like some cutscenes would ruin the Zombies experience, but we the players have been grinding waves for almost a decade now. Some major growth is desperately needed. Blops 1 is and will forever remain my favorite Zombies game, because it's the same thing over and over just with new maps and extras, and they've gotten progressively worse since Blops 2.

Edited by LocoMofo85

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We do not necasserily need cutscenes. I'm okay with comic book pages, beautifull music and radios.

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All those tidbits are wonderful, but again, I'm talking full scale, playable story line mode. Not any variant of survival.


They way I'd like it is a campaign/story mode that doesn't sacrifice the COD Zombies elements and vibes too much, particularly where the zombies are concerned, and spawn mechanics. You don't have to abandon waves to facilitate a campaign-style map, it would just make it harder, which is what I want.


This could be done for certain maps, and still have modes like survival and grief.

Edited by LocoMofo85

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