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  1. Oh my God, this could be fantastic! The game could be centered around cutscenes and instead of a generic shoot and kill until you die, it could be you would actually have to do certain things in each map (including the originals) and then there would be really good cutscenes. Jampacked with emotion and action! Huzzah! And maybe at the end you would have to kill the original Richtofen, who's a normal sane man and you have to kill an innocent man before he turns into the evil doombringer of the planet. And he'd be all crying and begging for his life and you could either kill him, and the game would fade to black and the credits would end and it'd tell you what the three characters, Takeo, Tank and Nikolai, are doing now. Or if you spared him, the present Richtofen would teleport behind you and katchaw! Stab you and then the screen fades to black and you hear Richtofen say "You tried to kill me? You went through all that to kill me and yet you spare me?!" And you hear a punching sound and Tank groan. "You have dug your grave, American. All of you have." i mean what
  2. In that moment, existence was everything and it was nothing at the same time. During these times, these adventures in different lands and times things had always been realistic but this was surreal, like a dream. For once, time slowed down. The air felt thicker, and it could've been the low gravity, but things seemed to waft around with ease. Zombies crumpled into ash as soon as they got close, and their ash floated around them like a peaceful snowfall. Through all this dream like reality, it was clear that it's focus point was on Richtofen. He was standing completely erect, like the proud Nazi he was trained to be, but his shoulders were oddly relaxed and if you were in front of him, you'd see the smile of a man in awe. His blue eyes were sparkling like the stars in the dark vacuum of space that surrounded him, wet with tears of joy, yet he was not crying. His hands were at his sides, shaking slightly like an old man's. Dempsey did not track time, but he knew it must've been months he knew these men. Hard to keep time, time involved the past and he couldn't remember the past, and time involved future and he didn't look forward to waking up knee deep in zombie shit. Perhaps due to a lack of care or a lack of effort Tank did not keep time but estimated that he had been alongside these men for well over two months, at the least. He had seen Richtofen happy, which all of the men knew, maybe even Richtofen himself, was a horrifying event. He had seen the same man sad, which was usually funny and annoying because he'd bitch like a little girl, and angry, which could be funny and frightening at the same time. He always felt uneasy around him to begin with, which probably fed his distaste towards him. But not once, not in whatever amount of time he knew Richtofen, had he seen the man so content. Not when he tortured the crawlers or toyed with them by jumping over them (which Tank had to admit was freaking fun to do) or even when the horde was tailing his comrades. But now, Tank was sure that if Richtofen had to die now he'd be perfectly fine with the idea. Maybe it was the death of somebody he knew well that scared him, or, and Tank did not like that this thought could've even crept to the surface of his mind, maybe he was scared that deep inside he trusted and cared for this man more than he'd ever admit and did not like the thought of him dying. Like in Shangri La, Tank now noticed, everything seemed to be blue. Blue was one of Tank's favorite colors, red and white being the others, but this struck another chord with him. This meant something was going to happen, and as a pattern began to form in the American soldier's mind, he realized things that happened to them were never good. And as if some mysterious force had heard his thoughts, his suspicion was confirmed. He heard a slight gasp, and then something like a giggle or a sob, and Richtofen began floating up into the air like the ashes of corpses that still floated around. Like an eternal, peaceful snowfall, Richtofen floated up past them until he was eye level with that girl above the pyramid shaped thing, what was it? Whatever it was, all Tank knew was it kept that little girl inside and something they did released her. Maybe she was the one controlling all the zombies, Richtofen had mumbled something about it earlier when he was arguing with the computer. Something about a Dr. Maxis, oh, Samantha was her name. She was his daughter or something. Like it was said before, Tank was never good at remembering things, especially small inexplicably unimportant details like a German love triangle of some sort. Either way, Richtofen was eye level with her and her expressionless pale face. She looked to be ten years old or so, and Tank couldn't help but smile at the thought of a little girl doing all this bullshit. Couldn't be that simple, could it? A little kid having a tantrum? Richtofen's body bent until it looked like something was sucking his soul right out of his chest and suddenly, Dempsey realized nothing was that simple. Without warning he heard himself call out Richtofen's name. Not surprisingly, the Nazi didn't acknowledge him. "Takeo, what do we do?" Tank called out to the Japanese soldier standing twenty or so feet away from him. Nikolai was besides him and Tank felt a sharp pain in his chest, accompanied by the fear of being alone. "There is nothing to do. This, was meant to be." Takeo always talked cryptically, like some goddamn scroll reading monk. "But, he's, he's dying. He needs our help." Tank hadn't even thought of the idea that whatever was happening to Richtofen was actually killing him. The thought of him dying had come up, but now it seemed much too real to be just a thought anymore. "I don't have good feeling about this. Maybe we should just leave, Takeo and Richtofen can follow up later yes? Dempsey? Come on, we can share some vodka." Nikolai's enticement fell on deaf ears. Richtofen was struggling now, and all eyes were on him. Nikolai stepped backwards, clutching his gun with trembling hands. What happened next would remain in the minds of these three men for the rest of their lives. Between the girl and Richtofen, a could five or so feet, something began forming. Energy, energy or something like electricity started crackling between them into a ball, that grew bigger and bigger. Richtofen struggled violently as the size grew, but the girl remained still and expressionless, besides her floating. The ball started changing colors, white to black, blue to purple, gray to orange, and then it swelled up blue again and enveloped Richtofen and the girl and the room went white and they were blinded, Tank couldn't see a thing and once again, he called out Richtofen's name. The room fell silent. "I live!" That was Richtofen's voice. Different, laced with more evil and was definitely more echo-y than usual, and suddenly Tank understood what had just happened. Richtofen swapped places. As colors began to return to the room and Tank could make out vague shapes through the fading blindness, he understood everything. Every single place they had gone to, everything they had done was leading up to this. Richtofen was planning this far before he met them. He planned to leave them. "Maybe," he said aloud. "Maybe he planned to kill us too."
  3. Like I said earlier, sometimes I let my imagination get ahead of me and I don't actually have any factual information to support this. It's more of my own little interpretation. I suppose I read a bit too much fanfiction.
  4. Now while these may be factually wrong, this is a personally written personality summary, and is here for discussion, critique, and for your viewing pleasure. I've currently written two, about the famous Dr. Richtofen and Tank Dempsey. I try to find facts to support my theories and descriptions but I am known to bend the truth a little to fit my own little vision. Richtofen Richtofen was just another German at the time. He was a socially awkward young man who had a penchant for preforming surgical procedures and back alley plastic surgery. He was soft spoken and submissive, one of the two would lead into his fetish of being both dominant and submissive. He followed orders through perfectly, leading to his affluent career in the German military and medicine field. While he never showed, he had a strange desire to self harm, due not to depression but the sexual pleasure that derived from it. Soon after, perhaps being pressured by the ruthless nature the Nazi party required, he found he began to "get off" on harming his patients, or rather, victims. Eventually, an odd but overall harmless man became a sexual deviant with a Medical license. His mother was a gentle school teacher, and before Richtofen was born, she had three miscarriages. When Richtofen was born, he was coddled up until age 5, when she became pregnant again with his little sister who's as of yet still unnamed. His father coddled him too and that ceased when his sister was born, creating a jealousy complex. His father stopped paying any positive attention to young Edward, who began acting out violently just to get any attention from his parents. He began torturing and eventually killing small animals, leading to his fascination and career of medicine and science. As most of you know by now, Richtofen underwent a drastic personality change when he touched the pyramid on the moon. Although he had always been odd and perhaps even dangerous, he managed to keep his less healthy hobbies under wraps. Afterwards, his violent and horrifying tendencies manifested themselves into a separate personality, one more flamboyant and with a higher pitched voice than the Richtofen his colleagues were used to. This one was oddly flirtatious but without morals, and subject to violent outbursts with no warnings, perhaps Histrionic Personality Disorder. He also began to show signs of mental degradation, such as schizophrenia and paranoia. Perhaps due to the pyramid and the widely unknown side effects of the element 115. One of some of the more unknown speculations on why he disliked Samantha Maxis and Dr. Maxis is because of his deep-seeded father issues with his own biological father. Because of Maxis's wife's death, he began to coddle his daughter and couldn't bear to have her out of his sight most of the time. This upset Richtofen, who began to desire attention more and more and brought up memories from his childhood, most of which he disliked. Eventually his anger and desire for attention lead to the same desire he had for his sister; to cause her, now Samantha, as much anquish as possible in an inappropriate way of gaining Maxis's attention, although it doesn't make sense why he'd desire attention from a man he had no respect and in fact a lot of contempt for. Woo, that was a lot. If anybody notices any contradictions or otherwise big flaws, please don't hesitate to tell me!
  5. I cringed at Richtofen's secret homosexuality. I can't help but be a fangirl of him, I'd rather him be straight, but if anything I always thought he was bisexual at best. Oh well, if the information points towards homosexuality, I'll deal. weepssilently Did we ever find a reason for Richtofen's insanity that followed him touching one of the pyramids? Why would such a intellectual and powerful sub-race create pyramids and statues that would cause mental damage?
  6. As far as I know, the Thundergun doesn't vaporize the zombies on the xbox console or the PC. This could just be a bad porting from consoles and PC to handheld devices or some kind of other reason.
  7. Great theory. A counter theory regarding why there would be a moon base 65 million years ago could be that since the pyramid is obviously a very powerful and alien object, it could time travel itself and thus take along the entire base. But I digress, great theory and I look forward to hearing more from you!
  8. Oh, well in that case, thank you, hah. Other than that I have no real knowledge of anything else in Richtofen's history, though I have written fanfictions and read some where he had always had some metaphorical walls in his mind that stopped him from being a completely normal human being, some went so far as to suggest he was jealous of the attention Maxis gave Samantha and that's how he grew to hate her, something about daddy issues because he viewed Maxis as a father figure. Do you know what the purpose is, or what happened at Shangri La? Or where I can find truthful information, heh? I remember in one of the audio thingamagigs that the pyramid teleported him to a jungle area and he was attacked by a tribe. To be honest I'm missing huge portions of the plot and it bothers me that I am. I consider myself to be a huge zombies storyline fan but I can't prove it. Arghh. xD I think 115 could be Samantha, but I always took it as Richtofen. Like the line "I know I won't die alone" could be taken as Richtofen pointing out that if he is unsuccessful in his attempt to take control of the zombies, that his comrades would die along with him. And 'I have returned" like he's come back to the scene, or rather scenes if you think about all the other maps, of the crime. "Everyone dies, and everyone lies", once again bringing up his wild paranoid conspiracy theories and how everybody was against him and everybody who got in his way whether accidentally or not was subsequently killed because of it. "They're waiting for the second coming again" = Richtofen giving the voices a role in his desire to control the zombies and have ultimate power over them. And of course, the line "Bring me 115" is his all around desire for 115 since it plays such a giant role in the entire zombie plot.
  9. I've recently listened to all the film reels/radios in the map moon, and as far as I can tell, Richtofen was completely normal before teleporting to the moon and touching the pyramid. This confuses me, because I remember vaguely from the ingame bio of Richtofen that he had always been a violent murderous killing machine and an vicious doctor. I mean if you heard Nolan North's portrayal of a pre-teleportation Richtofen, he sounds like any other sane German scientist. In fact, in an argument between him and Maxis, he says he purely wants to better the human condition thus futhering the human race. I also have a question, when he's still working with Maxis's teleportation machine, why is he so surprised when it works? He already managed to teleport not only a walnut but himself, to the friggen' moon. I've put two and two together, and to my knowledge correctly, and he was working on creating a moon base while he played stupid with Maxis and helped him work on weapons for Nazi's. I'm just confused is all. Or did I just answer my own question and he was just playing stupid. And I'm working on a theory that each song on every map is about a character, whether in their point of view or about them. I'm pretty sure 115 is about Richtofen, in his point of view too. I could delve into each lin and tell you why I think this, but I'm sure I made an ass of myself already and I don't want to go any further.

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