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Strategies Anyone?


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I was hoping we could all post strategies for Shangri-la here, solo or otherwise. Maybe it's just me, but I find it difficult to get past 12 solo, maybe cuz I still need to learn the map some more. What I've done is make heavy use of the water slide and run laps between that and the waterfall. I don't feel comfortable camping anywhere since it seems to me there's always a blind spot.

I've also seen people online camp by the water slide often; with 4 people there's two facing the mud maze, one watching the cliffside and the other watching the window. We made it to 24 doing this.

Anyone else have any good strategies?

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But seriously, I couldn't tell you for another day or so as I'm on PS3.

Actually, it's out in just over an hour.

EDIT: Oh, you're Australian! What time is it there?

Well it's 6:00pm thursday night (we are ages ahead of America) but I will probably get it tomorrow after school and work.

It normally comes out here at about 9:00-10:00 here I think.

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