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  1. Originally I thought this was gonna be the explosive end to the Zombies story. I'm glad I was wrong I'm more than curious to see where we go from here. To think all this started in a three room house on a random German airfield...
  2. Wow I'm among professionals here I think my highest on solo is 9, I keep getting killed by dumb things :x And with 4 people we got to 12. Moon is definitely awesome, I just wish the tools I usually need to get to higher rounds weren't so difficult to get.
  3. Chorus is good, but overall, swing and a miss.
  4. It may not be the end of zombies, but it's supposed to end the timeline. I'm just looking forward to an epic map to cap the whole series! :D
  5. So this is the last hurrah...guess I can get rid of World at War now...
  6. I've seen Napalm Zombies run a couple of times, though I can't remember if it was towards the end of a round or right in the middle of one. I think it's the latter though cuz both times I had my back turned & I see them run at me at the last second right before they blow up.
  7. I was hoping we could all post strategies for Shangri-la here, solo or otherwise. Maybe it's just me, but I find it difficult to get past 12 solo, maybe cuz I still need to learn the map some more. What I've done is make heavy use of the water slide and run laps between that and the waterfall. I don't feel comfortable camping anywhere since it seems to me there's always a blind spot. I've also seen people online camp by the water slide often; with 4 people there's two facing the mud maze, one watching the cliffside and the other watching the window. We made it to 24 doing this. Anyone else have any good strategies?
  8. I hate Five so much cuz even though I don't mind running and gunning, it's so closed in I can't stand it. However, after reading various strategies, I've decided to give it another go in the coming days.
  9. I got to 20 with 3 friends. We would've gotten farther had it not been for communication breakdowns leading to some crazy shenanigans.
  10. I don't love this map but I don't hate it either. PROS: Large map; perfect for maneuvering Scavenger: that gun cleans house Awesome Easter Egg Avenged Sevenfold's song is beast Sarah Michelle Gellar (I've always thought she's hot) CONS: Romero: I don't mind his gameplay that much, I just find his voice annoying. Maybe if he didn't talk unless you attacked him... Zombies swing way too fast and their range is like they have Mr. Fantastic arms :x While the map is wide open, as a consequence the perks and the mystery box are too far apart Weak Wonder Weapons (VR-11) and no Thundergun No devices for distracting zombies (i.e. Gersch Devices, Monkeys, etc)
  11. Water slides, spike traps, and downhill carting, oh my! The map looks, ironically, heavenly. Still waiting on an official trailer though.
  12. And I just got Call of the Dead a few days ago... Anyway June 28th isn't too far away; I'm hoping there'll be a trailer released.
  13. Hello all I'm new here. I look forward to talking zombies with you! :D
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