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  1. Pulled the image, seems like it's just a bit of UI flair. They called it "adornment.png" but yeah, could be something, but I would think the focus would be more on the <redacted> bits.
  2. I can't confirm right now, though it looks correct... Odd why they gave us so many repeating numbers and a lot of numbers just for the middle part... But I can't say that it isn't right. It's quite an interesting quote! EDIT: removed. EDIT2: I think what he did was take any number within the comma delimited numbers and just went up with them. Very interesting cipher - I think it is correct though. I got "... Maxis" so I assume the rest is correct. I will double check later though.
  3. Glitching Queen posted on Reddit the HD scraps images - Figured we could spark some more interest in this with better images. I just noticed this, but if you look at the breaks in the background you can see 8 columns. Not sure if this is useful, but some people were commenting on the post saying it could be Gel Electrophoresis and it is pretty clear they were correct. I'm reading up on it now and seeing what it could have to do with the numbers. Fairly sure the background could potentially be either DNA for a zombie or DNA for a spider. I'm leaning towards l
  4. We had a clue from The List, otherwise it would probably be somewhat difficult to find since it uses a different alphabet. (:
  5. https://goo.gl/LW007i I've created a Google Sheets for anyone interested in seeing what has been done. There are 266 unique characters, which isn't a bad letter count for a homo-phonic cipher, I believe. I can't tell if @Draz missed any pairs when going through it, so I may go back through just to double check. We have the "Character" or the number that corresponds to a character in the far left column, the number of times it appears, the percentage of its appearance based on the entire text and finally speculative values for what they could be. The I/ A's are the only
  6. I have a clearer image of the cipher in the bunker - I'll double check tonight to see if I can get a better image of the Dragon room piece, but last time I tried it doesn't allow you to move. But I may be able to go into third person to get a better view. Also, good job @Draz on that transcription! (: It looks really great! I think since we have pairs of numbers [N, M, O] (where these represent numbers) it would be nomenclatures for those pairs. We would still have a lot of ciphertext with this approach. My other thought is that this and the other scrap is connected...
  7. Solved the one from the reddit post. Below is the plaintext. While the loss of the Rising Sun Facility was unfortunate, the Emperor was so impressed with our final results that he has approved the construction of the new Division 9 facility on the island we selected. He assured me personally that he will spare no expense in advancing our research. You and I both know that what we accomplish at this new facility will win the war for Japan. What was used was the Vigenere Cipher with the alphabet from The List and the keyword: shinonuma
  8. Infotomb.com I think is a good site I think for image hosting. And I'm almost certain that the order is wrong... It was just a way for me to get a somewhat decent order while making sure I got every single number.
  9. I've gone through with the cipher with the numbers and tried to map out a possible graph of it. I'll attach that and then I also tried to jot down all the numbers, so I'll attach that as well. I was hoping to make more progress on it myself, but figured we could probably all make progress on it much faster! These are probably not all accurate as the image is hard to see. Also, the image is thanks to @Draz I believe. I think that was his watermark in the middle. d: Transcrip_Scrap_ZNS.txt
  10. I think since "A" was the article needed, "A" doesn't really fit inside of a crossword puzzle, so they just excluded it
  11. I thought there should have been an article between them as well, but the word at 11D = Encountered and the next word is 9A = Freak - I agree though, it does sound off.
  12. Okay, I think you are right about "their" before announcement! After that "fight" should be swapped for "about" - the plaintext now reads: "Urgent telegram. We have just received word that the private plane carrying the expedition crew encountered freak atmospheric event which caused it to crash killing all on board including the famous explorers Brock and Gary. This comes weeks after their announcement about the location of Shangri-La"
  13. Agreed! I need to sit down sometime soon and work out what all these ciphers mean! Everything was solved roughly at the same time. Also, I believe I mentioned you in one of my videos, but I'm not exactly sure how to pronounce your name... Any hints? (:
  14. @certainpersonio and I, along with help from 96nKsk and @MrRoflWaffles, have just completed the Crossword as well as the Spawn Room Cipher. We expanded upon a twitter post that had many of the solutions already, which can be found here: https://twitter.com/96nKsk So huge thanks to him! This would not have been possible without this start! There were some discrepancies with some of the solutions, so we had to update them a little, but for the most part they had many correct solutions! The final solutions are all compiled here: http://bit.do/bWtnd Finally, we used the solutions from th
  15. TGca Cipher Solved: " Entry 56: Just finished a very long shift. We were awaiting the test subjects arrival from the castle but they never showed. Those group 935 pigs didnt even bother to radio the asylum to let us know they were not coming. I am getting sick of those arrogant scientists. They have given the asylum the nickname Verruckt Asylum. I loathe it. We are as every bit as important to the completion of project as they are." So this was simply binary mapped to DNA codons. Here is a link to the site where I found the connection. (Forgot to add it lol) http://www.extremetech.co
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