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  1. Just a server we made a while back housing people who are serious and dedicated to ciphers in Treyarch games
  2. Mob of the Dead has now been solved. *Urgent The Giant is in France* - RichKiller The Castle under DE has been solved. *I cannot appear directly to you, I can only help you on your way…you guys are really making hard work of this. M* - Randomizer #9 on Revelations has also been solved. *October NSA Report T They found the source on Venus beginning extraction* - TigerClaw Comic 4 #2 has been solved. *Only their sacrifice will restore order* - Randomizer (I believe?) Comic 5 has been solved. *The agents of chaos must be controlled* - Randomizer (I believe?)
  3. I know there are 2 on TG, 1 on DE, 2 on GK and then all but 4(?) are unsolved on Rev. I'll have to get back to you on the specifics though
  4. You could possibly read the space as 0 and black bar as 1, that's essentially what a barcode is, binary. Might be difficult with the quality though.
  5. Hey everyone, I believe I've made fairly good transcriptions of these ciphers. I've been looking at hex for ages now, so I may have missed stuff. Anyways, below are the cipher transcriptions following the order from above. Enjoy! 1. kin_ticket_arcade SOLUTION: 2. undercroft_paper_torn 3. sam_room_torn 4. sam_room Converted from Hex: 5. sheffield_torn 6. ori_trench_paper 7. mob_paper_torn 8. sha_paper 9. ver_book SOLUTION: 10. kin_book Converted from Hex: 11. sha_book 12. ver_paper_torn SOLUTION: 13. kin_paper_torn 14. nacht_torn_paper Converted from Decimal: I've also attached the text files I created transcribing these. Hopefully these are of use to you! Let's get solving! (: BlackOps_Ciphers.zip
  6. You're the man @DragonGJY!! We'll get these solved... Hopefully soon! (:
  7. Interesting... I wonder if they included it in a patch then. Anyways, nice find! (:
  8. I think what he meant was if you have already completed the main EE? (:
  9. Here are all my transcripts as of right now - Sorry @Nieno9 it took so long! Revelations_Transcripts+.zip
  10. @Nieno69 When I get free tonight, I'll post up my transcripts.
  11. I've transcribed the 3 ciphers we currently have. There are probably typos, but anyways, I'll be uploading that when I get home from class so everyone can take a look. One is Hex, another is Hex that can be translated to B64, and the last one is B64.
  12. Icarus I believe has been tried, yeah! Also, I created this really short update video on what we have tried and what we are currently trying to possibly catch you up to speed on how we are solving it!
  13. Welcome aboard! Glad we saved another person from the CODz Reddit! (: I appreciate the kind words as well! This community is probably one of the best, if not the best, with all the friendly people and people who know their storylines and ciphers/ codes. Again, welcome! And I hope you enjoy it!
  14. I believe they are meaning dimensions to be synonymous with universes, thus I assume it started off as many universes/ dimensions and now it has been shattered either within one universe/ dimension, or across all of the universes/ dimensions.
  16. So something I saw that could help your analysis is that at the end of the first sentence we have "zw," and then a couple letters later we have "zw," again. Thus, we can use the Kalinski test to determine that the key length (If this is indeed poly, though it seems fairly justified) is 7. I've tried a lot of words though for the key, so I believe, like ZNS we may have an alphabet that is not standard.
  17. I actually really liked this video! Whiteboards are my fave! Anyways, when I saw you write it out like this, it made me think back to something @oxin8 made I believe. The X's could represent a letter from one of the rows at top. I think this is actually not a bad idea now that I see it like this. So we may get some word or small phrase that could be pretty good?
  18. Of course! Sorry, working on this cipher Tac posted. It's easy when you spot it (:
  19. I definitely think you should get most of the credit! You did all the heavy lifting (:
  20. @I4mThoR Alright, it's solved as of right now, though talking with @oxin8 it seems as if it may be more than what we have. So @oxin8 and I just finished this: Things to get and do: Duct tape Rope Eggs Finish reading that.book Poultry Nails Saw World domination Bleach Compressor Onions Boiling water XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX I did this and was reading it backwards and oxin helped me realize we had to make the text go up to the X instead of stopping before it. Once we got that, I was reading it backwards which was why it wasn't working quite right. Anyways, think there's more to this? Or just putting the Kronorium in there just for... whatever? @Tac Scrolled back up and @Nieno69 was super close to it!
  21. Sorry, speaking with someone atm and then I have to go back to studying Haha Trying out @I4mThoR 's cipher now before I have to go! Definitely tomorrow if y'all are still talking by then... That's a long time to talk lol
  22. Oops, literally just saw this! Haha, you're absolutely correct though!! Nice thinking!
  23. Alright, finally finished it. Thanks to @oxin8 for pointing out that "Captain" actually was supposed to be a letter. Treyarch made this one difficult either on purpose or they forgot colons and numbers by accident. Anyways, regardless here's the final plaintext @Tac I know at some point in the future I will be in a situation where I put the needs of the man ahead of my own life i will save the world.

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