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  1. Anyone else enjoying the difficulty/challenge of ZIS? Feels good to need to move again, rather than just spamming shoot at the floor.

    1. Mr Samductive

      Mr Samductive

      I love the feel of ZIS...I really like the new ticket and token systems 

  2. Shame to see that data miners are already starting to release info regarding the Revelations easter egg. These people are obviously not fans of puzzles, getting stuck is part of the fun! 

  3. Fucking cancer. Lost 2 family members to it, brother lost a testicle, mum and sister have both had pre cancerous cells, and now I find out another close relative who has been ill for some time has it? When it rains, it pours.

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    2. JJMFP


      Don't count them as losses yet @Stop Mocking Me0, let's pray for the best and get @DaveLo07 through this hardship.


    3. DaveLo07


      Appreciate the responses. Unfortunately the relative in question is elderly so they will not treat only offer pain relief and try to slow the illness, but they have been suffering for a while and after numerous tests the only other outcomes would give them even less time. Just hope they don't suffer through it for too long.

    4. JJMFP


      That has got to take a toll, watching a loved one waste in pain like that.  My grandfather, years ago, suffered esophigeal cancer and was on his way out the door when a sudden change of heart came about and in his last efforts to fight stated "don't let me die".  He died that night in a hopsital and breaks my heart thinking about how much pain he had to endure and the fact he died scared is in its self horrific.  Bless you and your family with the endurance and strength to witness cancer's horrible grip.


  4. Keep getting told I 'need' to watch the ZNS cutscene, I'll watch it in a month's time when I complete the easter egg! The cutscene is one of the few in game rewards for completing an EE, I've never watched them until I unlock them myself.

    1. Doppelgänger


      Unfortunately I got much too excited and curious for it and ended up spoiling it for myself :(

    2. Rissole25


      On the same boat, except on PS4. First time I've forgone finding out the end of the easter egg so I'm hoping I can get it relatively done soon so I don't come across spoilers.

  5. Disconnected at 86 on Der Eisendrache, I've never successfully left a game paused overnight should have just ended it

  6. Sounds like the zombies have expanded their vocabulary! I'm sure I'd never heard "loser" or "let's go" before BO3

  7. Modders already taking over the BO3 zombie leaderboards. There is one guy who has some grievance with a high round player , who's mission is to take as many of the top spots illegitimately as possible, and has set up over 100 accounts posting modded scores. Shame

    1. Ragdo11706


      Probably that employee @ Treyarch that's on a power-trip changing everything in the game because of High Round players. 

      Haha wouldn't that be some shit....

  8. Anyone else having issues with xbox live service on 360? In the past couple of months mine has been down more times than I can count. Upgrading next month, and whilst I want an xbox one as it's where most of my friends are, that PS4 is looking more and more appealing

    1. TimelordAlex


      Xbox live has been shit the past few months tbh on 360, constantly disconnected out of zombie matches and unable to sign in. It has been affecting a lot of people and the fact that it occurred multiple times within a few months makes me wonder whether they've fixed the problem, they ought to give out 1 month free live gold to everyone as an apology

  9. awkward moments with a woman from xbox live support. Jane : So the game you are having issues with is ' The Reverse Cowgirl'? Me : 'The Reverse Cowgirl'? Lol. No, the game I am having issues with is Gta V. Won't allow me to play once download is complete. Jane : Your purchase history says the last game you purchased was 'The Reverse Cowgirl'. Me : I can assure you it wasn't! Jane : I will provide a link to your billing information. Me : Ah, that's a tv episode not a game. Jane : Ok, no problem. To each their own. Me : It's a South Park episode! Jane : Sure it is! I was in stitches

    1. DeathBringerZen


      Aw Dave, I have had a few funny conversations with the Xbox Live team before as well when doing the live chat. I think they like to troll people a lot. lol

    2. Tattoo247


      That made my day xD

  10. Have relied on/used digital downloads on 360 for the past 18 months or so with no issues. Just bought gta v as it's on offer and when I try to launch get 'disc unreadable'. What?! There is no disc!

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