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  1. I have the Digital Deluxe Versions on both PS4 and Xbox One, I haven't really tried Zombies yet, Only played MWR Story on both so far, Haven't even touched IW Story or MP.
  2. This is amazing, some very cool looking merchandise
  3. Welcome back, I wasn't around when you were active, but I hope to you about the forums
  4. RIP Zombies, I haven't played since Revelations was released and I tried to play The Giant today, Turned off after 10 mins I can safely say I have lost the love and motivation to play Zombies.

    1. anonymous


      Feel like playing some Verrückt? Like, right now? Perhaps you still like the old-school

    2. Hells Warrrior

      Hells Warrrior

      I feel you're pain bud, the love was lost around about ZNS release.

    3. itsOH


      I know where your coming from, something is just missing theses days


  5. Great intro Welcome to CoD Zombies have fun here :P
  6. Welcome to CoD Zombies have fun here
  7. Welcome to CoD Zombies, look forward to you posting around the forums
  8. Need to find the Zombies love again, last played back in Sept :769:

    1. anonymous


      Oh Spider, what is happening there? Perhaps I can help you this weekend with a game of Moon. Not sure, though, I gotta check if I have any time over then

    2. Lenne


      Tried playing BO III today, but it just is no fun. : /

    3. anonymous


      Tried some Ascension today, was fun. I'm totally into the Ascension EE hunt-posts on this site now. HITSAM and HYENA, the Sparky Deadmachine and the batteries

  9. Welcome to CoDZ Have fun on the forums
  10. Welcome to CoDZ, Have fun here and look forward to seeing you about the forums
  11. Welcome to CoDZ, Have fun here
  12. Welcome home @Blurryface
  13. Welcome to CoDZ, Have fun here
  14. Welcome to CoDZ, have fun here, stay active
  15. I like this atm I have getting 23 Perkaholics from old GG I never used, They're there for a rainy day if I ever go back to it.
  16. I do like this new feature, I've grabbed some amazing GG's from it and I have a stockpile of Perkaholics just incase I get the love to play it again.
  17. Looking forward to this happening again, loved the last couple.
  18. Grabbed 7 Perkaholics from Newton's Cookbook, You never know once I stop playing STO, I might go back to Zombies if I can find the love again :769:

    1. anonymous


      Buy a DLC for BO1, and you may find it. Anyway, once you're back in zombies, we've still gotta play again

    2. Spider


      Got all the DLC for BO1, Just can't stand the thought of playing Zombies again at this moment in time, Revelations killed it for me :(

  19. @anonymous grab that time traveller rank it's a beauty @InfestLithium Have we got badges for them fancy ranks?
  20. Spider


    Welcome to CoD Zombies, have fun here

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