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  1. it could be useful, although it can also be a b*tch
  2. longer than you think mate
  3. its actually a pretty decent analogy haha, except there arent a few good spots, maybe only 1 being the introduction of the bank
  4. pretty gr8 situation, although the added weapons seem a bit exagerated.
  5. gr8 sayings m8, tranzit actually looked cool with the bus and all, that is until you try it lol. looking forward to bo3
  6. is it confirmed that there will be treyarch zombies in the next COD?
  7. exact same thoughts, keep it simple but still keep adding some new weapons, perks, ... I personally find origins awesome into many aspects: the easter egg is awesome, the map itself isnt too repetitive, the weapons (staves) are just pure crazy... to me one of the best zombies map ever made
  8. Thanks for the info, so so far no Treyarch style zombies?
  9. anyone have more info on the zombies in Advanced Warfare?
  10. Best zombies map?

    1. DeathBringerZen


      Hmm... Maybe... Origins for solo and CotD for coop? I don't know. Tough decision. They are all decent in their own way.

    2. Tattoo247


      Doesn't sound like it's game specific soooo, Nacht or ShangriLa for their difficulty.

  11. Well that's odd, is there any round in particular where you hear the whispers more?
  12. z0mbiegod


    Ok charged maybe, thanks for the specification RZArazorSHARP20
  13. yes i also like the idea of ranks but we shouldnt exagerate on making the game more complicated than it has to be, thats just my opinion
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