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  1. I can try! I would have to go back and check. It's difficult to tell the difference between dots and dashes.
  2. I have tried to crack it but thus far all I've come up with are weird letter number patterns.
  3. No, it had nothing do with the firesale. It had something to do with hitting all the generators and powerboxes. Then you can hear Samantha yell "no treats for you!" and she takes away the mystery box. I'll try to get a picture
  4. Has anyone else done the No Treats For You EE? Where the mystery box is stolen by sam?
  5. **also recent update** if one stands long enough and the dogs dont attack, the dogs just...explode.
  6. And its much easier to hear the whispers If you are doing the glitch because the dogs cant/wont attack you
  7. Also, ok, slight problem I took a voice recording with my phone and cant attach it on here...
  8. So maybe it's just me who's noticed this, but during the dogs rounds, something happens. The dog glitch on the stairs in the theater still exists, and when activated, the dogs stand still and cant attack you. When this happens, you can hear them whispering. If anyone understands what theyre saying, please post below.
  9. I think this theory is amazing. My boyfriend and I are SOCLOSE to the final easter egg. We've gotten the mystery box to disappear. So close.
  10. Welcome to the forums Audrey Maday :)

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