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  1. Going to start working on that collaboration map again today. Took a break for a bit for xbox one but I'm back

    1. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      Tell me when, I'll help!

    2. Black Hand Smith

      Black Hand Smith

      I have a few things to do before I start so It might take an Hour. Give or take

  2. Going to TGI fridays tomorrow. Gonna get me some BBQ Ribs with the remainder of my Xbox Funds.

    1. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      TGIFridays....On a Saturday?

  3. Finally bought the xbox one. I got AC unity, Black flag and titanfall for free. And I got Dead rising 3 Apocalypse edition. Got the titanfall season pass for free.

  4. Its like the whole map isn't trying to tell us anything new but rather a metaphor for whats been happening in the story. The Germans, Group 935, and their Giant project have unleashed something upon the world. Richtofen has killed Maxis and he's come back in machine form. Maxis tried to reach Argatha but never could. The 4 heroes have all come from different countries to end up on the same side fighting against the zombies, all while being the play things of Sam and Richtofen. And just like the Templar zombies, there's something behind the scenes controlling everything. Its as if its a summary of what has happened, told by someone on an acid trip. "Mind Fucking Blown" I hope this is true because it all makes sense now
  5. Ok I went fron 42 to 44 Brains and I don't know where those brains came from. The brains can't breed Alan they are all female

    1. BennetsGreen


      life.. uh.. finds a way....

  6. You spawn in the back of a truck.. The Door is Wide open and you hear screaming. Once you exit the truck you look around you and immediately you realize that the zombies are not attacking you. They are attacking various survivors around you. Similar to Lockdown. The Quarantine gate is sealed and you and 3 other survivors must find a way out.... Quarantine [ 2025 ] The Apocalypse will begin soon

  7. So excited! Getting an Xbox One bundle tomorrow. I have a choice between An assassins creed bundle or the Master chief Bundle. Also Grabbing A copy of Dead rising 3. HYPE!!


    1. Flammenwerfer


      They seemed weird at first, but the anime didn't have a super large focus on them. 5Ds was fantastic.

    2. Black Hand Smith

      Black Hand Smith

      Currently rewatching the first series of Yugioh. I remember in Yugioh GX there were zombies ....fucking zombikkes

  9. I think I'm going to complete the extinction concept Frenzy. It's been salvaged so I think I should finish it just to say I finished frenzy.

  10. Tonight I'll be posting some salvage.

  11. Ahahahahahaha..... Pandora's Box will soon be opened. I found a key and I will unleash it all...

  12. Putting Alpha-omega on Hold. Working on an exciting new collaboration concept with the other architects.

  13. Got some new salvages. Including an old extinction concept which may have been what brought the Breeder Cryptid into existance.

    1. Black Hand Smith

      Black Hand Smith

      One does not create a spider enemy that has a gas attack and can lay eggs by chance.

  14. Working on some more good stuff. In the meantime I have more salvaged content I found. If the salvaged posts start roaming around at night killing people then please burn down this post

  15. To be honest I actually don't help with the actual map itself I just review and proof read and give it the Black stamp of Approval.
  16. Haven't found what I'm looking for I might need to rewrite it. I mean it's all in my head still. I did find something else however

  17. Currently adventuring inside the Abandoned Temple of PlaytheGame. If I am right my map concept should be somewhere around here.......

  18. more concepts to be released this month.

  19. Coming soon! Zombies arcade 3! Very soon!

  20. Lockdown 2012 is out! Oracle has been updated

  21. Ok so soon there will be new enemies added into the Alpha and Omega maps that I just got the idea for after playing arcade games at D&B. A new hidden plot has been added into Alpha and Omega which I honestly did not even Plan on.

  22. I have salvaged my work on Alpha map concept and finally figured out what I am going to do for the final map. However that is a long way from now

    1. Black Hand Smith

      Black Hand Smith

      Oh YES! THAT SOUNDS....AMAZING..... I can definitely use THAT. 21 of them in total.

    2. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      ^--- Me after watching doctor who.

  23. Lockdown [2012] will feature a new form of Power Mechanic. Manage your power or be left in darkness

    1. Stop Mocking Me0
    2. Black Hand Smith

      Black Hand Smith

      Yep! I always wondered what a power mechanic similar to 5 nights at freddy's would be like. Imagine trying to get juggernog but the power is being re-routed somewhere else. Now imagine that you use up all your juice and the only way to get more is through a powerup that only spawns in occasionally. Masochists

    3. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      Hmm... I don't like not being in control. Plus how would that work between multiple people? Surely more people means more power opportunities!

  24. The next map concept will take place in the year 2012 and will be darker than the previous maps.

  25. Control 2300 is finally out. That was a long ride

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