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  1. HansLanda420

    Meet of the day...

    look who i met at gamescom cologne :-) Post your Zombie pics here! Greets HL
  2. HansLanda420

    Best way to farm liquid divinium?

    Havy rounds are no problem. But does it make sense, as rounds become longer? Maybe its quicker in soe to skip to round 15 and run n buy?
  3. HansLanda420

    Best way to farm liquid divinium?

    Hi guys, What is the most effective farming method for liquid divinium? Greets HL420
  4. HansLanda420

    Fire Plunger loses fire effect???

    Hi jaysta, no i didnt know that both. Thank you very much for this information. I thought once aquired, the fire effect lasts till the end of the game :-( never tried to do the easter egg. Maybe i will give it a try soon. Greets HL420
  5. HansLanda420

    Fire Plunger loses fire effect???

    I also coudlnt get the zombies become skeletons. Tried multiple times but it didnt work. I have used the normal bow for that and fired not charged shots, like it is shown on youtube. Maybe someone has an idea on that too?
  6. HansLanda420

    Fire Plunger loses fire effect???

    hi guys, does the fire effect dissapear after a certain time? i played today and tried to get the fireplunger. went back in time, took the plunger and then killed a panzer with a claw. no fire effect. then i have killed the next two panzers with the claws to get the helmet. after this i killed the next panzer with pop shocks. no fire effect. the next panzer i took out with a packed kuda. yeah, i finally got the effect and was pretty happy but the nex round, ore one round after the next it was gone again and i couldn one hit kill the panzer with that. went down on round 41 :-( does anyone has an idea about this? i played on pc btw Greets HL420
  7. HansLanda420

    Black Ops 2 Zombies Die Rise Stratagies High Levels

    yeah, im also interested in the unpatch trick. what is it?

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