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  1. Yeah, l know what you mean. Getting to 64 was a chore, but it probably is the quickest map to get the 100.
  2. Thanks guys, interesting how the rounds are so much more time consuming since WAW days, where a 100 on SNN took only 3 - 4 hours. Reaching 60 can take five or six hours, but l was afraid it might take at least twelve hours. I might just try conquering one map and see how l feel.
  3. Just trying to get a basic idea of the time generally needed to get from round 60 to 100 on some of the maps (MOTD, Die rise and Buried). I have reached round 60 on most maps, and then l usually quit from lack of motivation and time. I need to challenge myself and would like to get a rough idea from the players on this forum who have hit these high rounds of the time needed to reach 100. Thanks :)
  4. Probably from 35 and up you can kinda start it. It will take much more work to round them up, and it's mighty risky. From 45 it gets safer, and the higher it goes the better. I'm still not 100% sure of maximum spawn speed round but from the mid 60s it really comes into it's own. From that point on you can judge better how quickly to cut away from the wall to your left shoulder to reverse back. Often you can cut inside a zombie or 3 that is spawning a little further down, so you shave a few seconds off how long it takes to get back. Thanks for the info, this seems a quicke
  5. Great find! At what round was the spawn rate fast enough to start kiting around this area? Or can you start there at any round?
  6. Getting bored at around 50 or 60, l don't have the drive or patience to achieve anything higher. Props to those people that can break through that barrier and go for the really high rounds ;)
  7. Yep, happened to me on round 50 on one game. I had gone down training around the jug generator, threw a monkey as soon as l revived and went for jug. And bugger me, as soon as l turned around after buying jug, they all swarmed me while the f'n monkey was still going! :x Four hours and my second down, was l pissed.
  8. Solo Tip: Be consistent on how and where you train, gather the zombies up and then kill them all and then repeat. This will improve your discipline and concentration and will get you to those higher rounds. 8-)
  9. All of the above, the box whores piss me off the most as they always want to get a different gun at the end off each round. I usually go hunting and kill the crawler or walkers to start the next round. :twisted: Another thing that gets me riled up is when you start a game and you get to round ten and they have to either go have dinner or go to bed, that is why l never play with squeakers. I can live with fact their balls haven't dropped yet, and they can be entertaining at times, but in the end they always have to turn their xbox off when mummy tells them its bedtime! Is it just me
  10. Ok, l'll try to break it down step by step and explain how l do it. Round 1, I turn the generator on first and wait for the zombies to come in and then grab the double points from the box. Shoot five or six times and then stab each zombie. I should get 3 grand by the end of the round, if l'm lucky l will get a bomb on double points and have four grand. Either way is fine. Stay in there for another round and leave one zombie left and go to generator two, turn that on and grab the Mp40. Open up the next door and stay up top at the back of the bunker near the door for round 3 or 4, or until
  11. On solo its dead easy, only buy the doors you need to open and start up the generators and buy jug and a gun off the wall. Herd the zombies into a group and fire the mauser into the zombies and make points. Dig everything up and you should get more Mauser ammo.And then repeat. You should even be able to get stamin up before round 8 when the panzer comes. Pap your gun and your ready to kill the sucker when he comes!
  12. The best guns after 50 is the SVU and RG2 combo mate, thats if your not using the Paralyzer! The rest are redundant.
  13. Hi there back at ya fellow Newbie :)
  14. The set up l consistently use on this map is the Boomhilda and Ray gun M2. Kills them quick!! I dont usually get the staff's at all as they're more trouble than useful! I like to get stamin-up second after jug and then speed and quick revive for solo. Speed is the key for this map, and stamin-up is a must get!! And then its just the usual shield,drone, monkeys and semtex.
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