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  1. So Origins has left all us die hard zombie story fans a bit perplexed as to what is real and what isn't as far as our epic story goes. Is zombies done for good? Was it all just a game? Are we now entering a new dimension or real world of zombies? Do we have splintered universes? I would like to suggest that Zombies in the form we all know and love is finished. The story is over, Treyarch realised it was too convoluted to make any sense of so left it with the "it was all a game." As to the future of zombies, I do not think our beloved game is over. I think Mob of the Dead was a test. And what was it testing? It was finding out our response to standalone Zombies stories, with similar mechanics but with a twist. If Zombies continues in Treyarch's next game. I believe that this is the way they will do it. Think about it. In Mob, the 2nd easter egg song specifically asks where are we going from here? There is even a lyric about forgetting what we know. I think this strongly hints that the direction Treyarch may take zombies is separate stories, no more linking between maps. Is this good or bad? I think it could go either way. If they come up with solid concepts and stories like they did for Mob I can see it being very successful. Perhaps they've decided that the story they were telling was too limiting. Having to link it all back to Sam and 935 etc etc. I really wish I could believe that this children's game stunt is just a big cliffhanger in our main story but even with the "My dad has a plan," line, I just don't see where they could go. I think that was just a tease for those who want to interpret the cutscene as being the start of it all. If there had been a true link between Mob and our main story other than the name Nikolai and some completely unexplained blood vials with the Mobster's numbers on maybe I could believe it's all some grand plot but no, I think from here on out we have to leave everything we've learned behind.
  2. Can I ask where we got this "Campaign team made MOTD and Origins" bit from because I've never seen any official evidence of it.
  3. I don't believe Treyarch couldn't have got voice actors able to put on German accents if that's what they wanted. I doubt it's just an accident. Seems like a very deliberate choice to me.
  4. How exactly do you explain the presence of 115 on Alcatraz Island? Something that comes from meteorites, of which there are none on the Island. Mob has everything different. This is shown by the different box, the different announcer, etc etc. We've no idea if it's the same mechanics, or if it is even properly related beyond Treyarch trolling us. That's the thing, you can theorize all you want, doesn't make it the ultimate truth. Only Treyarch know that.
  5. An interesting theory but I don't think it adds up. The zombie blood power up is just an evolution of the Vulture Aid effect with the green mist, and as for the mobsters we don't know for sure that 115 was even involved in Mob of the Dead, plus it was clearly cut off from the rest of the world. I don't buy this "they appeared magically because 115" thing. The box has the power to bring weapons yeah, but the odds of some vials of blood just turning up are silly. Who collected the blood? The whole 935 "Not this time!" thing makes me think 115 isn't involved at all in MOTD.
  6. They must be important if he's carrying them around with him like that. Dammit it Trollarch, why you make this so mysterious.
  7. So what exactly causes Samantha and Eddy to randomly develop German accents then? That's my problem with these theories. There is absolutely no viable explanation for it. The Samantha we've experienced in all the maps has a completely different voice and accent. The Samantha who talks at the end of Origins cannot be the Samantha in the MPD for this reason. It would just be ridiculous.
  8. The ones that had the Mob of the Dead prisoner numbers on...was essentially a lie. I've seen nothing mentioned about any link in the Easter egg to Mob so I can only presume Treyarch did it to generate false excitement. They really are Trollarch aren't they.
  9. Anyone thought that maybe there's more than one version of Samantha? After seeing the gameplay, the announcer is that original demonic woman voice, and then there's the new Samantha voice talking as part of the EE.
  10. Oh look, we're going back to the start when 115 was discovered in DLC 4. Looks like it's time to break the cycle and put an end to all these zombie shenanigans.
  11. This. This is brilliant. Well done sir. I have never wished brains to still exist more than this post right here. I agree completely, and I really hope this is what happens. You have a gift for simplifying theories into something so easily understood. Well done. You have my support and my respect, Gambit. Welcome to CoDz. Haha, thanks, I've been browsing CoDZ since the Blops 1 days but only just started posting really. I've gone pretty deep in following the lore and the story, loved doing the easter eggs on Blops 1 but never managed to find the right teams to do them on Blops 2, most of my friends follow the way of the Xbox. So I always caught up to see the progress with them on here. But yeah I've got the feeling we're going to learn a lot in Origins, get quite a lot of story progression too. Treyarch would be mad to not tie the whole Blops 2 story together in this DLC, explain the MOTD link, give us some kind of plot resolution even if it does just turn out to be a season finale type thing and not complete ending. And as always, Richtofen is going to be at the heart of it all. If it ends up being break the cycle, stop Maxis and kill Satan it will be quite epic.
  12. Concerning the eyes, I think you're definitely onto something with the intentions thing. Maxis is the closest human we've had in control to pure evil, and his Zombies eyes are orange, halfway between yellow and the MOTD red. Richtofen just seems to be doing things for the hell of it, so the blue colour could signify that. Just another thing to point out, the whole lights in the sky, appearing/disappearing biplanes and Zeppelins is very, very wound in time/dimensional rifty. It's such a classic sci-fi trope to have things appearing and vanishing out of place when time/dimensional shenanigans are afoot. I really think the introduction cutscene to this map is going to involve someone going back and doing something to change the timeline, whether that be future Richtofen or whoever. It just makes sense. In our standard Zombies timeline, the O4 cannot have met like this, it goes against the COTD radios. Dempsey was caught at Verruckt, Takeo and Nikolai were caught at some other point and they were all taken to the Dr to be experimented on, in 1945. The radios were very specific about that. Essentially what I'm saying is, for this map just throw everything that's happened out of the window and stop trying to make it fit. This is a whole new timeline, I'd bet money on it. And that's also why I think they're talking about this whole beginning/end of zombies thing. Someone has caused the O4 to meet early and will presumably instruct them on how to stop everything from ever happening. It's reflecting the themes from MOTD, ending the cycle.
  13. Gambit791


    1. Yep when the camara pans up the bodies of the O4 Richtofen has two red vials, with Sals and Billy's( I think) blood in them. Of course it might not be blood and the numbers could be coincidence but... 2. In Weasels diary in the zombie Message of the Day, Weasel mentions that the "Editor" doesn't like his comic books and scribbles nasty comments on them. A small amount of people the prize that the editor is the announcer in MoTD Yeah pretty much what he said. Weasel makes several references to the Editor. It seems that the stuff Weasel draws in his comics can come true, and the Editor may have something to do with that, especially since his comments are written on that drawing which was pieced together. But yeah he's a likely candidate for the MOTD announcer. Another thing I realised is that is Richtofen in this map is pre-Moon, i.e. before he got the voices and went mad then he's technically not got hidden Zombie related motives. Can anyone else see Treyarch pulling off an ending which involves 1917 Richtofen stopping Zombies from unfolding because he sees what madness he gets involved in? It would let Eddy finally be a real hero.
  14. Gambit791


    I have a feeling the opening cutscene is going to do a lot for explaining where exactly we are. It certainly does seem odd that we're in 1917 with Zombies when the outbreak wasn't supposed to be until the 40s as far as we knew. I'm imagining some kind of cutscene involving future Richtofen managing to pull off some kind of last time travel magic after the events of Buried in an attempt to contact the O4 in 1917 and like has been pointed out before, break the cycle, stopping Maxis before any of the other maps take place. It fits with the themes presented in MOTD. The only thing I can't fit into that is the vials of the MOTD prisoner's blood that 1917 Richtofen seems to have. They have to make the connection between MOTD and the main story in this map otherwise what is the point? The only question is how does it fit in. Is this Temple connected to the original entity controlling Zombies? Is it related to the Pyramid on Moon? The Vril-ya? Aliens? Are we going to meet The Editor? Will Weasel be involved? Who knows. And don't give me the "There is no connection it was a one off!" line because that is rubbish, in Zombies everything is connected, that's always been rule #1. Either way I'm excited at this promise of an ending, be it Zombies as a whole or just this "season" arc.
  15. Don't know if anyone has looked into this but Ernst Stuhlinger was a German scientist brought over to America as part of Operation Paperclip after the 2nd world war. He also worked for NASA and he was also instrumental in the development of the ion engine for long-endurance space flight, and a wide variety of scientific experiments. Wiki link here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stuhlinger So what I'm wondering, could our Samuel Stuhlinger be a relation? It seems possible, we know from the Dreamland servers that the Americans were working on zombie stuff too and it seems likely Operation Paperclip scientists would be involved, like Ernst Stuhlinger. It would also suggest as to why Richtofen is talking to him. He'd be of German descent, and Richtofen may have worked with Stuhlinger in Germany. Thoughts?
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