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  1. Hey guys I haven't posted on the forums since Black ops 2 came out mainly because I was extremely disappointing with Black ops 2 zombies but I have been lurking lately after Origins was announced and thought I would share my theories about the ending. If you haven't seen the ending yet MAJOR spoilers! So I made a video about it if you want to listen to it but I will explain it here as well. So I have a couple of theories the main one being that the timelines of the story are screwed up. Now if you go back to Kino in Samantha's room there is a model building with the the toys of the Original characters. Now this takes place after Origins do to the fact that the Characters have aged significantly. So this means that the characters Sam imagines become real because if they are in her room with the toys then they must be real. Now I read a theory on here saying that Maxis's plan was to make the super soldiers at Der riese and they became the Characters Sam was imagining before. This would explain that. Another Thing theory I have is that the timelines are s screwed up. Now in the ending cut scene Sam is using what I would assume is a digital (at least handheld) camera to make the zombie story but the time that we would assume she is in due to the sirens and that in the trailer she says "it started on the battlefields of the great war" the Great war being WW! so this makes us assume WWII hasn't happened because WWII would certainly overthrow WWI as the great war due to the fact that it is more recent. So she has a camera during WWII this doesn't make sense because cameras that small weren't around in that time. Something else that points to the Timelines being broken is that Samantha has Fluffy in this scene but Maxis gave her Fluffy when she was living at Der Riese to keep her company while he worked. So for this to make sense with everything else we have been told they are currently at Der Riese. Which in fact could be true due to the fact that there is a eclipse which there was when we played on Der Riese so the sirens could be the warning for the outbreak at Der Riese. Let me know what you guys think and sorry for being so unorganized with my thoughts like I said it's been awhile :D
  2. I like the concept of this map could have some story tie ins too like weasel and some other characters have to go there to get the original 4 from the moon. :mrgreen:
  3. mike myres (austin powers) Andrew lincoln (the walking dead) thessyndicateproject (would be boss to see him) dont laugh ................... ................... .................. .................. .................... ................ ................ ............. .................. oprah
  4. ok so ive been into the walking dead latly and ive been thimking if they would have 4 actors in a map that was a huge success why not do it again so i think that a map with rick, shane, darly, and andrea (mabye marle aka michale rooker) now it would be kool that this map could have a bose round wear sophia witch has a some what similar story to sam could come and be like a napalm or shrieker zombie and do to Rookers history with cod it could be a possibilaty let me know what you think. :mrgreen:
  5. i persinaly want something better to do with zombies than just the old maps i want something phsical i can hold (thats wat she said) like a ray gun replica or a perk bottle a special controller or something like that on top of that i would like a metal case with something to do with zombies on it. also the classic WAW and BLOPS maps like they did with blops then u get a map pack with them at the end of the year feel free to add on.
  6. i love that idea [brains]'s for you sir
  7. I say no it just wouldnt be zombies it would be a story that is givin to us and not having the fun of figuring iit out for ourselves and having fun with reaserch and talking to our teachers and parents about the laest theroy
  8. This would be my first time hearing this quote, considering this was used on Kino which I don't play that much,but this has me thinking. Why does he want out? Was he tortured? Was Maxis in the Illuminati also? :? new idea here mabye they tortured him and made his persanality split to make him there personal assasin but in his other persanality he is a scientist who has no idea about the other persanality and then for some reason when the zombies came he got stuck in the assasin persinality and still has the memories of the doctor and as he goes to each place gets more and more memorys back till he goes to der riese and gets them all back
  9. ok so i googled Vril-ya and i found this picture notice the bottom and the symbol it's the vril genarator and the immortal reawakaning is pretty suppisose some one will have to look deeper into this.
  10. notice most likely dead and since when in cod when someone says most likely dead are they dead :mrgreen:
  11. ps3 for 2 reasons 1.) better graphics 2.) free online
  12. the one thing people overlook is that the sniper team was still deployed covering them so after everyone left they would get ghost who if you look didnt get gass on him and even so the vest would protect him and the fire would burn the wound shut so no bled out and he got shot in the shoulder and you can clearly see a exit wound so he is alive
  13. hey guys they confirmed it no prestige edition infinity ward tweeted just the hardened but a prestige may come out later so keeps hopes and money up cause im sure it will be closer 2 200 than 150.
  14. same happened to me on nauch i was down my friend got a nuke and no zombiess died but he did
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