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  1. I agree @InfestLithium- the only problem I have though, is gaming in general seems to be a thing of the past for me now. It was always going to happen to me, it was just a case of when (crikey I'm 40 this year).


    I still want to play a decent game of Der Eisendrache, Origins, Town, MoTD with the boys but only when I have time, I'm no longer going to be sitting in the living room playing video games at night, whilst the wife goes to watch TV in the bedroom. We suffered as a result of that and I'm never allowing her (or my kids) to feel anything other than happiness. I'm still going to be involved in zombies in some way, my eldest is daft on them and always asking how to do things (one thing this game has given me and my son is a bond). He hates football (no not soccer, football. Football is played with a ball and feet not hands and feet ok ;) ) he hates my musical tastes etc. but that's probably "I dinnae like my dad that much age thing".


    Keep up the good work with the trials, I know it's not easy being the front runner and trying to get things moving and improving but you are greatly appreciated and respected for it.

  2. Just to add my tuppence in here and shoot me down in flames for it if need be.


    Zombies is dying, the community is dying and it has been for some years. The last year and the last incarnation of Zombies has been a massive let down and a massive failure imo. However back on topic. Community wise, to many people got to big for their own boots, thinking they are better than others and didn't really embrace the community in the way it originally started. Treyarch pandered to the YouTubers only and failed to embrace the community in the way it once did.


    Dan started this (CoDz) community and we thank him for doing so, others started their own and well I wasn't privy to everything that wen't on but it felt like sour grapes from them from being the "smaller community and thinking they are better than us. When in fact we are all the same - we are all human beings. Our community though is/was based on theorists, strategists and easter egg hunters. We have tried to supply the community with tools to make obtaining these as easy as possible and invested with the help of our community into the LFG system. PTG shut down for a prolonged period of time and then made a return last year for some reason.


    Other communities started such as high rounders, I tried to start a leaderboard system, not to compete with them but to open it up to all players for a personal pride thing - so they could register a high round achievement to share with the community. Didn't matter to us whether it was round 5 or round 200. Even that community split and another site opened up as a result.


    You know what I did notice though, they all started using the same forum software that CoDz was using. That I switched CoDz over to. So we must have been something right, we seem to have been copied a helluva lot.


    Personally though, I couldn't care what people think about me or CoDz, that's people being narrow minded, self centred and so far up their own arse (or someone elses) that I don't care. We are here to provide a place for the community to come together and share ideas and organise games and at our own expense (donations have been scarce and so has ad revenue). If that makes people dislike us, then it's them that have the problem and not me or us.

  3. With a heavy heart.

    It has been several months since I have been active, I took some time out to spend more time with the family, concentrate on work and to generally enjoy life away from the site and gaming in general. At 40 years old this year, my time for gaming has dwindled Year or Year.

    So I have decided with a heavy heart to hang up my gloves and hand over the reigns to someone else.

    When I joined the team, the site had a few technical and staffing problems and as a team we got rejuvenated and pushed the site forward and self funded.

    We aren't quite self funded but close to it.

    I'm going to stick around for a few weeks in the background with the staff to discuss and implement the required changes and ensure everything is handed over smoothly.

    As a team though, it is apparent that we are pretty much mostly of the same opinion and others may also hang up the gloves but that is for them to say who they are and if/when that will happen.

    It's probably for the best with a fresh injection of ideas from new and existing staff members on how to push the site forward and what changes if any are required.

    It's been a pleasure getting to know you, for those that don't know me or know if me - sorry about that.

    Wishing everyone the very best for the years ahead.

  4. This was the first ever home console I ever played.




    Followed by the trusted Atari posted above by @DaveLo07, my earliest recollection was pong and I can't recall playing many games on the Atari as it was the families and time was very limited on it (my dad limited us to about an 2 hours at the weekends only). However, my Spectrum was where I really fell in love with gaming, to many games to mention but Outrun, Jet Pac Willy, Yie Ar Kung Fu to name but a few.

  5. I think in all honesty, zombies is dead (pardon the pun) in it's current guise, Treyarch have killed what was a fantastic game mode. Now that it is every year rather than every 2 years or even 3 for that matter it's just becoming over the top and people are just not investing into the game in ways that it was in the past. We are seeing a huge drop in activity and we are all questioning whether it's time to continue or to fade away, some are fading away.


    As it stands, the community doesn't seem to be that interested to be completely honest and I blame Activision for chasing the $$$$ and letting game be saturated - we don't need it every year, but we do need a 2 year cycle with DLC drops over the two years (4 DLC's a year) - that's what people want, that's what people demand. £90 a year for a game and DLC season pass is too much and the fact we have had no innovation for at least 4 years (shame shit, different year).

  6. On 10/31/2016 at 0:47 PM, anonymous said:

    I've always seen you as the boss of this site, and its too bad to say bye to you. But its bye and no goodbye, and I'll see you again later. For everything you have done here (I believe you were even the one who bought this site and are also the biggest donor), I want to thank you. Good luck in your further life, only Scottish guy I ever knew.


    I'm not leaving, far from it - just can't be bothered with zombies in general at the moment.

  7. 4 hours ago, Rissole25 said:

    I'd definitely like to see the forum tackle ZiS. I can't quite remember if we did much with Exo-Zombies, but I think since we are Call of Duty Zombies (even though we are Treyarch focused), we need to focus on all aspects of it. Infinite Warfare's out real soon, and we don't have a subforum made for it and ZiS yet.


    I echo your sentiment, only big issue for me - is I HIGHLY doubt I'll be buying the game.

  8. No doubt many of you will have noticed that I haven't been around as much lately, it's due to several reasons, work, family, life etc. but the main reason for my absence. Is I simply have no time for the game anymore, I have lost all affection I had for the game and it's had a knock on effect with loss of interest with the gamemode, site / community.


    It's not that I don't want to play but I'm more interested in playing BOI or BOII and Der Eisendrache on BOIII - the rest of the maps on BOIII I couldn't care less for and I've hardly played anything since April.


    I've decided that I'm not leaving the site but my activity will be greatly reduced but I'll still be around in the background and I'll ensure things are running smoothly. I don't want us going back to the dark days of going down at the end of each month but I also think we may need to consider our costs going forward as well. I've spent a lot of my own money on the site/forum/apps as have the others members of staff and those who have donated - which is why we won't leave you in the lurch.


    It's a shame, I had a lot of time for this game but I'm also getting old (auld as the say in Scotland) and I've found myself generally play games less and less and watching more TV such as politics and documentaries and so forth (definately an age thing). 


    Anyway, that's generally the reason why I haven't been around much, hope you all understand but when the affection goes, you can't do much about it but hope that maybe it returns in due course but with how Treyarch zombies went this year I find it highly unlikely that I will be putting any further funds towards any Call of Duty title.

  9. Frankly, I hope Treyarch take the severe criticism they have received for Black Ops 3 and return to the roots and listen to the community, get involved with the community and actually have a good and decent strategy going forward - I doubt I see myself buying another CoD title to be honest. I only bought 2 and 3 for zombies and 3 was a huge two fingers to the community as a whole. The GM's came into the game for one reason only, to make it easier for the new players to play - not to enhance the game in anyway shape or form, as they didn't.

  10. I just want to give a shout out to @LiamFTWinter - I've been watching some of his videos over the course of the year and more specifically since the DLC season ended with Revelations.


    You are the only YouTuber that I know that is saying exactly how it is, how piss poor the ending was and generally just poking fun at them. It might not be the intention but it's how I'm viewing the videos. The reaction of you versus the other YouTube artists is deafening. You are like "WTF was that" and the others are like yeah, that was great and the reaction and faces of them and the attitude of the other YouTubers tells a different story. However, to stay on the good books, they all say it was great but think completely differently (at least in my view and the views of some others I have discussed it with).


    If you are thinking along the same lines as me and that's probably not, BOIII was awful very sub standard and way of the original storyline.


    Anyway, I just wanted to say kudos for being honest. 

  11. As much as I love Zombies and the Treyarch incarnation of Zombies, one thing always pops into my head.


    They can't code shit.


    Whoever does the coding for them are awful, piss poor at using the engine they use, and as @DeathBringerZen has said in the past. Try and recall bugs with SledgeHammers Advanced Warfare that are as bad as Treyarchs. It could be the engine, it really could be but I blame the devs. All versions of CoD by Treyarch have been buggy as hell.


    Anyway as it was said earlier, it's called Samanthas curse and happens when the game thinks you are trying to cheat, why it thinks you are tyring to cheat though is beyond me.

  12. This is one of my all time favourite tracks, along with The Pulse and Beyond The Clouds (both on this album). Trust me, when yer spaced and just enjoying the music, they send you to a different dimension.

    and if you want a real head fuck, this is the type of things I would listen to non stop.

    and to top it all, a video from one of the ReZerection events - was at this one.

    and Ultrasonic live at Fantasia the Big Bang


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