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Countdown until Firebase Z launch!

Treyarch release the much anticipated DLC 1 - Firebase Z on 4th February 2021.

Come and join the discussion of this new map in the dedicated Firebase Z forum.

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  1. Ok, so I decided to play a little black ops 1 and play Kino...I listened to the opening cutscene/comic book from Edwards point of view. He starts talking about how he doesn't know much about 935 "Maybe-something(I cant really ever hear this part) unlock the true goals of group 395, how many stations does this group have? Where did that little girl disappear to? Only time will tell etc.", If he has been working with Maxis and the rest of group 935 since WWI wouldn't he know everything by WWII about the group? Him and Maxis were apparently close friends shown in Origins, right? Wouldn't Maxis te
  2. I have CoD Black Ops for DS..never noticed the red eyes
  3. I despise the mark 2..really, who wants a waaay overpowered gun...takes so much fun from the game...it is never a must have for me and i get rid of it as soon as possible
  4. I know but i just feel a connection...red eyes and i forgot all about the "Prison Break" levels...it just feels weird ya'know?
  5. Charged is perfectly fine but think, it takes the entire mag (or maybe half...havent used it in a while) and it doesnt hold enough ammo all together
  6. Ok not sure if anyones noticed or if this has been posted but take a closer look at the zombies eyes on Dead Ops Arcade...i swear they are red
  7. I dont see how you people say the wind is a one hit kill....upgraded or not by round 30 it only makes zombies shake around and grab their head... Fire is so far my favorite i can upgrade it by round 11 or 12 and it kills the panzer 1 upgraded shot to the feet Ice isnt that good....get cornered and shoot them and they STILL hit you all iced up and frosty...unlike 2-3 shots from the fire killing them all Lighting...I LOVE THIS STAFF but...it is not one i prefer for higher rounds...more for just a "fun time" staff...watch zombies get shocked and hear original zombie moans from the
  8. So many weasel lovers...he is my LEAST favorite and billy is my favorite...Billy isnt technically a "bad guy" like the others either, his story is sad and made me feel bad for him
  9. 38,solo,vitrolic withering and Sweeper then got bored and traded in my sweeper for a tommy gun and went down when trying to pap it...lost it in pap machine lost perks so i went down three more times
  10. I love how you guys say silver spoon and golden spoon....golden spork
  11. Very well thought out, ill give you that...seems like somthing 3arch would do too...i like it
  12. People use moon as proof to further that Eddy and Richtofen are the same by using direct quotes from samantha caling richtofen teddy...sure there is a lot of proof for this..but think of the quotes where she talks about richtofen then says something about teddy...i wear i hear a quote where she says "Theres Richtofen, now lets find sophia and teddy"
  13. I honestly dont think eddy is richtofen...i swear quotes from moon disprove they are the same...i think one said "well that deals with richofen,now lets go find eddy and -i forgot maxis' lovers name-" or something like that....
  14. Place the gramaphone under the pack-a-punch intrance which opens where you build the staves pljs mule kick then go get al the parts to the stavees an pick up the gramaphone go to the "crazy plcea" and set it there opening to the last parts of the staves on little colum like things then r porocks will falle aftr each pick up, then go buold the staves, its best todo this on lower rounds with one or two zombies so you dont die go build the staves for each player then go back to the crazy place and allow each player o stand under their corrasponding staff light....this is as far as i got...maybe a
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