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  1. One of the major questions that have been pressing the forums has beeen the issue of who is in control of the zombies before Samantha Maxis or Richtofen did. However, I doubt anyone is in control of the zombies. The only other time that zombie eyes have been red was dead ops arcade, which some people same is not part of the storyline. I do agree with them, as it proves that no one controls the zombies. Also, in the mob of the dead trailer when Ray Liotta/Billy Handsome is introducing the characters on Finn O'leary's newspaper column it says "sickness hits hard in slums". This newpaper article shows that these zombies were merely "infected" with no control. I think it will be interesting to see if EMP grandes work or come back because Richtofen controls the zombies through electricity because the power has to be on to be able to hear him, and thus interrupting that electrical flow would "disconnect" the zombies.
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