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  1. Please could you guys make a mobile site if this isn't going to get fixed
  2. It's a good theory, but every pap wobbles when the power is turned on. If you don't believe me play town or tranzit and turn the power on standing next to pap or look at pack a punch when town starts. It you can emp pack a punch and wait for it to turn on. Great theory, but pap always wobbles
  3. Google says Read it before you start planning a bow rutruriam. Integer parameters members Thursday. As buyer's market and any corpept arrows at that time course. Add to My very thing, always soft basketball needs, of the crime to the masters. Read more pain, no fear here. Seems like rubbish
  4. Love no mans land(my best is 52:25 but I suicided out of boredom.) the only annoying thing is I was doing ee with friends and I was hacking one of the green things in the lab and it stopped hacking and the game thought I was still hacking it. We couldn't be bothered to start again.
  5. Shouldn't nuke town be Nevada USA on leader boards?
  6. The one about the vril-ya being crawlers and with info on CotD was amazing.
  7. Make it on mobile cos it says you haven't allowed it on mobile.
  8. The bus is meant to go to these places but it messed up and is circling green run. It's all in "a zombie trilogy" you guys should read it. It's a great read.
  9. Says the forum is restricting acces or plugin not working. Is it just me or are more people getting this?
  10. With me I tend to also hear the voices when I am on my own on a 4 player game. Eg when I play I go straight for an94 after first door but everyone else goes to trample steam. I almost always hear them then. Sorry if this goes against everything you've been saying.
  11. Anyone else think ascension was the best map in black ops. I think the all time best is die rise with ascension second and der riese third.
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