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  1. Just started playing the map and defiantly noticeable in furnace room before power on and after opening other-side. I'm just messing around solo trying to do different things and combos beakers ,radios, mice before power. And you can hear her in corner by furnace maybe only after playing radios. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. It should be a little more incomplicated. And have prefrences starting with mic no mic Then based on how far you plan on going, and how fast you wanna play. Hunt for stuff or run through quick. It's really hard for them to figure out a perfect system but should be better in some way.
  3. In reply to myself here sorry I cut and pasted into there and it is a rocky start to a read my apoligies hopefully I can fix it up soon.
  4. I know these cyphers have supposedly been cracked, but am curious of possible other outcomes, thinking of TV in Nuketown, and moon. Richt says the password is A liar, later in Origings he calls Maxis a terrible liar. He also says, horrible accent, and something about stupid Rules (but could Rules be Rollsj, like with an accent one might roll their R’s. So wondering if Maxis could be a password or cypher. Plkyxl Xkarvd’l pvvl aga vabrmrno th hbv mepmwp rrscjms hy Kmwm- tqhz, buk rvit uxaairq, qw cvfal kivtek xhg hgg. V smax hvv Thrhpxvho pwc fref azxh zkvyq rovr gpeke slvx tuh xuhev erjempespe wxzmsi Iwe fing soef dxohwxnwer aveivrc. I frzimj iia aw yunthr vhuxmaxa sj xyml wekl if tsp dstapvmaie. Gkonzo qc nfpmkrj absp zreobaecpe jr iqrceq ds mklewbq, Eei qfvx jsegekglh xmzp whag noj Hdptyh avoh vaetx poie M txes liq un zl kbn ft pbal xuh wphmvw…. Some quick thoughts on possible overlooked things in Bo2Z. Really not a big poster on forums, but thought I’d toss in my two cents, and as they not really map specific, I hope I put them in the right location. In refrence to Someone01’s posts in the beging of the game. I know it’s late to toss in any theories as the game has been out for quite some time, but I didn’t start searching for this stuff untill much later. But one thing stood out to me, that being two sides of the same coin, so I’m think that once somewhere in Tranzit, mainly the tunnel, there is a way to get to the guys in Nuketown. “not through the door” it’s on the otherside, in Tranzit where the tunnels saying shelter are. Maybe once all three eggs are done the same, way then activating the X spots with fans. Possibly timed nukes, like on Tranzit at 115 kills then on Nuketown the 3rd song actiivated with pop 15 clock 1 Also I don’t have any video, but second bus theories, shoot bus driver from inside depot before any doors open. Eventually he opens up doors shuts them. Then no shooting outside till bus is gone. If you look at the couch in the extra room it looks like the siloette of a man sleeping, it’s just cuts in the couch but you can make it out. Then realize the Avagodro get on the bus the Avogadros won’t get on the bus will eventually break the bus, Bus driver says this is the end of the line a new bus driver will be here in 123 years some other dark stuff, but the bus does start up realativley quickly.. I’ve done this stuff and now from inside any buildings looking through the glass I can see smoke and dark but not through any open doors right next to the windows. Just some theories. Reall quick on Origins, I haven’t seen any pictures of this stuff from inside. Seen inside robots durring one step of easter egg zombie blood. Not too mention, that durring one step if you releasee the Drone inside the robot head you hear the voice say operation slaves of Brains aborted. I never was able to finish the Buried Easter egg so I think it didn’t work correctly for me. I think in Buried the amplification things are apart of it. Richt does “The drone for maxis, the staffs…. But is he saying the drone for maxis there are staffs, maybe staffs before finishing the drrone. Also picking up shovels they all refrence there is stuff Buried beneath here. Maybe collected orbs from drone go into Robot heads first withy the amplification there is much more but……. Enough for now
  5. It's from a Pakistani newspaper, in regards to price hikes or inflation. I've deleted about a paragraph of nonsense and realize I need to get to sleep before trying to go Freudian on a zombie theory of mine.
  6. Likely that someone put the other two parts on Richtofens guillotine after one of the shared parts was on the noose and came close to the orbs. Satellite and gem stone. If that is done Maxis assumes you sided against him and says different things, then stops.
  7. Has anyone else had issues with the infinity mode. I've had 4 times when it ends that it goes to a white screen for all the players, but zombies keep killing us. In theatre on a free camera it isn't white but completly white for players. Also now the game ends Game over when we all die in infinity mode, I didn't think that happened before, but maybe one of us was still up. I'm not sure if I've messed it up somehow by trying to do the easter egg solo. I did notice that when I am playing solo the witch says you shouldn't be alone, but when I'm playing with others the witch says you should be alone. That is just a side thought but I know almost everyone things there is no solo easter egg, but I can't figure out what is going on. Any thoughts or ideas?
  8. Yes I did it. He didn't do anything, just kept hitting zombies. And he will go back there, just can't start a new round and let the gates move. it does take him a long time, knifing him seems to make him get lost and stuck.
  9. I honestly think we've given up on the solo Easter eggs way too early, way back in Shangri La; solo Richt has the rod, if done solo on Dead. Partly because if you’re working on it for solo you want to figure it out yourself and are less willing to share info. That all being said, it seems to me that you might need to go through as each different character and do the egg to a certain point and maybe only Stew should do Richt side. I've tried and had some odd results. like an all white screen in infinite mode, green witches or rather witches with green bubbles, also Guillotine already built. Hopefully I will have a capture card and can share the videos in the near future. Also the witch seems to hint at it, when saying "you should leave, you will be here forever(aka infinite)"
  10. Some of the video reminded me of Shangra La. Wheel with the numbers on it and there was also large gears on a device that reminded me of the power room.
  11. Think you’re missing one, on Mob of the Dead. Granted there are no bubbles, for whatever reason, the map is clearly different and discussion for that is for another thread. But there seems to be one for making buildables, I call it Bob the Builder perma perk. But the character clearly says something after adding parts and it becomes faster adding gas to the plane. I've only noticed it with Weasel and says something like. "This is getting easier" or "I'm getting faster at this” Don’t remember as it's been a while since I played it.
  12. The thing is that, I don't think it is a phone number at all, I'm not sure why this document came up, but it was one of the top search results, and is a report of nuke fallout results taken from Colorado on the test site of a Nuke in Nevada on a mock town. Isn't that a little too much of a coincidence, a secret government center, near a ranch, taking lab tests on a Nuketown, down the road and testing for public safety from radiological fallout and it's effects on the public. Almost like they didn't know the outcome on the public. Treyarch is almost saying that Zombies could have been the result on the public and this could have been an outcome of a decision that people didn't have a say in.
  13. First off I am going to apologize if what I am saying has been already said, I just found this forum a minute ago, and am happy to find that there is a forum about zombies that people are actually putting thought into, and just don't have time to catch up on all the previous posts on the matter. The HAARP is a good call as far as not being a natural weather pattern but, I don't think that at a time like this (as in 99.99999% of population dead and zombies, would HAARP be involved, the how would controlling the weather help or really hurt that much at such a juncture) But I'll through out another government conspiracy theory. Granted I haven't done full research on it yet. In the bus depot the poster that says power and 3.0 indicating power switch is on the 3rd stop also happens to have a phone number on it. After binging it, and not doing the reverse look up, one of the top results led me to a released government document, about atomic energy survival, by the NERC called project Rulison. It's over 200 pages long so I haven't read the thing yet, nor do I intend to read the whole thing, but does include maps and seems to involve a test sight in Nevada. the number I looked up was 757-745-7479
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