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Everything posted by sh3baproject

  1. Thank you.I have some ideas. I still am drawn to nihilism...but nihilism can be a positive thing. Ill be writing a thread soon. i am not fond of nihilism due to it saying "everything is pointless" but thats just me. other news: play this song while playing motd. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=30n5EL38Lbs
  2. That was a HUGE dick move by sheba, but you should still watch it. Compared to what I got spoiled, his spoiler was somewhat tamer. Here's something major spoiler free to cheer you Breaking Bad fans up! im sorry. using spoilers makes safari crash on my ipod.
  3. for some reason it doesnt give me the spoilers thing. but yea still ready for better call saul still watch it. i didnt spoil a lot.
  4. banned for being both on xbox and ps3
  5. finished breaking bad today. i cried at the ending when walt died from his wounds and the cops found him. i always liked him. yes he was a dark and disturbing character who cooked for his own joy,but he was real in a way. he went from good to bad and became a man who lusted for power. he saw nothing but himself throughout the way. but in the end he at least tried to redeem himself. remember his name remember it :(
  6. is it freezing up? i had that problem. we should play together sometimes. just dont be shocked if my other friends start killing you for no reason. they just like being trolls. I wont load just blackscreens when i click on it:/ I tryed licking it to clean it,didnt work.And yes we should.Add me on psn if you havent already. Psn Id ThrowAmonkeyBomb.Thats my second account.Add it.Feel free to add my public as well. oh. you may want to get a new disk then. there could be those tiny hard to see scratches.
  7. is it freezing up? i had that problem. we should play together sometimes. just dont be shocked if my other friends start killing you for no reason. they just like being trolls.
  8. a few guns and cars. some clothes as well. the usual
  9. same here. always disliked the concept of cards they had in it.
  10. banned for being a cosmonaut.
  11. i looked at it on my way to honors history. so ya,thought it was real for a moment.
  12. you have no idea how close i was to thinking that was real. thank god i read it closely. other news: russia is hovering over ukraine like a pedophile. hope that ukraine remains free. got a friend there who is extremely proud to be ukrainian and he would strangle putin first chance he gets.
  13. i had a thread for people who like history. its dead now,but i plan to make a thread for strategy games. good luck with your thread.
  14. banned for having part of your name in your sig.
  15. after many more tries,some breaks playing eu4 and working on a story with other writers,i habe finally beat riku and sealed the keyhole. just need to do a few more things on kingdom hearts and i will be ready to beat up ansem! i also just came up with a weird thought. what if nolan north (i think hes the guy that does richtofen and a pedophile from the last of us) voiced ansem in richtofen's voice? funnier or scarier? me,a bit of both.
  16. still more bearable then those guys who go on rampages with tanks. i got a white roosevelt. i had to sell my z type to get it. roosevelt=amazing i think we should have a codz gta fest on ps3.
  17. banned for your favorite bo map being moon
  18. today i am starting up what may be my most challanging task yet. i have been playing europa univerlias 4 for a while and been really enjoying it despite its appearance. i plan to go ironman as one of the irish minors in 1444 and unite the scattered irish peoples under one banner! Time to poop on actual history :D

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