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Everything posted by sh3baproject

  1. i feel you bro. whenever i race, i almost always see some world record thats been set by fuckers who cheat. rarely they are legit.
  2. http://crimeblog.dallasnews.com/2014/08/dallas-police-in-far-north-dallas-where-a-man-with-a-rifle-is-claiming-to-be-a-sovereign-citizen.html/ logic: when a white man shoots you with a gun, you approach him. when a black guy is doing nothing wrong, you shoot the living fuck out of him. cops man. not all do this, but still.
  3. avatar: the last airbender breaking bad the office(american version) south park castle monk mythbusters american dad bones family guy
  4. met some german kids yesterday at cedar point. they were fun to be around school starts in 1 week… :(
  5. is their religion judaism? the germans, not the greeks.
  6. i dont like what the cop did, but shit like that isnt a good response. just put the cop in jail or at the least kick his ass out of office by petitioning/peaceful protest. speaking of cops i heard that one was a dick to one guy video taping something. when the guy said it was his constitional right, the cop told him obama screwed the constition and therefore the cop didnt have to follow it. he later "apoligizied". alex is basically a monster. you either cripple him now or deal with an octupus that will eat souls.
  7. RIP robin willaims a great actor and a great man *cries* oh captain, my captain!
  8. We were just talking about this earlier. Dodgeball, man. If you haven't seen it, it's one of my favorite comedies ever. You should check it out. i should. could help me with my comedies. wb. i recently came back as well. i also missed the chat about the sandwhich holy grail.
  9. toronto: ford more years! dont ask about the drugs he took! also EJ, where did you get your qoute for your sig? XD
  10. MMX, look for a university for me too i want one with a good writing program.
  11. banned for being where parts are unknown.
  12. welcome to ios7 electric >:] i need help wihth xemnas in 1.5 not that hes hard just that i need a better strategy and the fact he uses tthe most op move when he still has a lot of health left. -.-
  13. yum you know whats good? KFC popcorn chicken with quaker stake sauces. im gonna fill a pool with that >:)
  14. While you were gone I was named the official Chairman of CoDZ. You may now only refer to me as "Master Head Chairman Delta." In formal and "Chairman Delta" in informal. congrats chairman delta! :D
  15. hi people long time no see. summer be keeping me away been rewatching avatar the last airbender (not the shitty movie) and working on my satire/comendies whats been going on here?
  16. working on a story with some friends. if you want to read it so far here you go. http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=528647
  17. cambridge or oxford joltoen? thanks MMX, planning to animate some videos soon of my comedies/satires (and by soon i mean i dont know when but sometime). friday: the day i take my driving test.
  18. its been a few days or weeks. whats happening? also MMX, is there a good animating software you can reccomend to me?
  19. after all these years, i started to play pokemon again. nostalgia
  20. codz proudly salutes its soldiers returning home. you get medals of honor. and cookies i will be at the UN representing our fine nation :3 other news: finals are gonna kill me XP
  21. congrats portly bird is the word…thats all i can think about…oh god no…
  22. heists may not be out, but i got a new motircycle :D

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