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  1. My Xbox One gamertag is xWarMachine115x and I want to complete Nightfall (I have already escaped Point of Contact.) Feel free to add me so we can figure this out. Mic's are a must for this mode (however one comes with the Xbox One so no problem, right?) As well as time, so please no invites if you don't have at least an hour or two to spare.
  2. I currently have in my possession 2 NAV cards in-game. After placing my Buried NAV card in TranZit I retained it and then collected the Die Rise one which overlaps it. I currently have 2 NAV cards. Any thoughts on why this may be? And the red dot! What's up with that damn red dot?
  3. Just to be clear, do the new updated symbols on the TranZit and Die Rise world map indicators (glowing blue/red, lightning bolts and radio transmission) vanish after the buried easter egg completion? Or, is it just that the towers we have powered no longer appear powered up? In other words, is it the case that there is no trace of easter egg completion whatsoever or do the towers simply appear as they would before easter egg completion? Thanks in advance team! I love the CoDZ community and appreciate all of your hard work and dedication :)
  4. Man, I'm in favor of your replies being branched off into a new post. I think there's a lengthy discussion to be had there. I don't want to get too off topic. Plus let's get these TranZit questions you posed all the attention they deserve. We all should be thinking about a really strong Asylum TranZit post maybe?
  5. @ihurt420 Once at Farm, go upstairs above the fridge and have a friend hit the power. It's trippy! Everyone else, good stuff keep it coming. I love TranZit. Hands down favorite map since Five. Now that's not something you hear everyday but it's the truth.
  6. "You guys hear some of the shit that thing's saying? I think it's Ferguson!" — Sal, when being chased by Brutus
  7. I played TranZit last night and I was Samuel. As soon as the bus began to move from Farm (headed to Power) Stuhlinger says something along the lines of "Farms are neat! We should visit one sometime." This struck me as odd due to the fact that I had just spent a substantial amount of time at the Farm, and the quote was triggered upon leaving. My belief is that whatever kind of secret government program was going on at the Farm, Stuhlinger is aware of it and felt the need to comment on visiting an ACTUAL Farm sometime. I know plenty of discussion has gone into the Russian writing, the Silos, crates, the siren when power is activated and everything in between. In my opinion, this quote gave validity to the theory that the Farm is not exactly what it seems. Has anyone heard similar quotes from other characters pertaining to weird goings on at the Farm? Also, what in your opinion was actually occurring at the Farm prior to our New 4 being there?
  8. Very true, I edited the post to reflect what your saying.
  9. I'm gonna jump on board and say great post dude! I enjoyed reading it. I can't say I agree with what you say but thanks for giving it all the thought you did and sharing here. This is what it's all about here bro. You guys don't overlook a single thing in this game and I love reading and discussing it all. Great thought out post with lots of good theories and I like how you explain the logic you used to come to your determinations. Keep it up man.
  10. I actually say "Speed Reload." I don't know why, it's not even shorter lol. I've always said "Juggs" for Juggernog as well.
  11. So when the characters are down you can hear quite a deep conversation they have with themselves that seems to touch on their life, regrets, decisions and an overall self-reflective feel to the dialogue. Just wanted to see if anyone has noticed anything in particular that they discuss or state that may have some significance or that stuck out to you? And generally what do you think is happening while they are in this state and why the sudden change in emotional state? It seems as if in life they refuse to admit wrong doing and are unwilling to repent or even serve out the sentence that has been imposed on them. On the way to the afterlife however, it seems they see themselves for what they really are... monsters.
  12. Awesome idea! Just thinking about the traps and weapons possibilities in a damn Castle makes me want to now demand this map! Thanks for sharing.
  13. Really great thread! I am really interested in these new characters and this certainly gives me something to ponder. Since day 1 I have wondered what their role in all of this is and how they relate to what we have already seen. Good job on your theory and for putting it in such a way that gives it validity. True or not, YOU believe it. I think we often forget that perhaps there isn't a single explanation for everything and maybe sometimes, just sometimes, the devs will leave it open for interpretation by individuals and not make it so cut and dry. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work!
  14. This is great! After all this time we have been staring at the map screen, we are still digging deeper and seeking out stuff like this. Even if your completely wrong and it says nothing, I commend you on bringing it to our attention and starting the discussion. Also, the Halo reference is cool and gives some perspective on what we may be seeing. I'm going to take a look at home and see if I can make out anything but I agree someone with software should give it a good once over for shits and giggles. Good post bro!
  15. You had me at "have all the perks back there." Great idea dude! How fun would that be!? Thanks for sharing.
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