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  1. I don't know if i'm just being nit picky here and it really doesn't mean anything, but the die rise, and buried loading screens do not seem to match at all, look: http://imgur.com/OdCB5UJ Even if they are not supposed to be in chronological order, behind the die rise comic page you can see the 'wheel' structure which is in the buried loading screen. However from circles 2 and 3 you can actually see they are differently drawn images with different surroundings, and the boxes around the images on the comic strips do not match up - from what you can see in the die rise loading screen the box with the wheel image in is only small, whereas in the buried loading screen it is much larger. Also the tear in the page on the right in the die rise comic does not match up with any tears on the left of the buried comic strip - to me this suggests they may not be in order, or there is another page between them which we haven't seen yet. Or i'm just looking into it way too far and it really doesn't matter. It may just be Treyarch being lazy and not really taking much care in these graphics. Tell me what you think, does it mean anything? Is there another page between these with a different 'wheel' image on? Are they different comics entirely? I'm not sure.
  2. Take a look at this from the Green Run map screen: The pylon appears to have text written across it from what i can see. It looks to begin with a W, but i cannot work out the other letters, maybe a Z, I and S? Not sure. At the top there's a question mark, but i cannot figure out what it might say. I could be completely wrong and it might be nothing, but could people please help me to figure out if it says anything? If anyone has photo editing software to manipulate the image to make anything clearer that would be very helpful :)
  3. There is. I was having a look at this image (highest resolution image of Green Run I could find) And upon further inspection, I noticed to the right of Town you can see the power station I don't know why they made it so difficult to see, maybe there is someway of moving the fog or opening up that section to reveal a new game mode, like the Diner with Turned.
  4. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4dp0AELNA0
  5. Putting the video on in the next 20 mins...
  6. I know but it didn't seem like a glitch, it looked like it thing treyarch put in purposely. I'll try and upload the video soon.
  7. I had started a Custom Game (Easy mode) on Tranzit; i'd just put a turbine up (on round two) and was still inside the bus depot room, but it got destroyed by a zombie - lets call him Paul. I then knifed a zombie next to Paul - Bob, after Paul finished hurling at the turbine, just as it was about to blow up. It blew up during the time i was knifing Bob and nothing happened. However, when I next went to knife Paul (this was my first time knifing or attacking him, and as it was round two it should have taken 2 knifes), I knifed him once, and he remained alive for maybe a quarter of a second while he attacked me, and then suddenly, he and all the other zombies in the room just collapsed in front of me. Does anyone know why this is?
  8. Yes these are the bulbs I was talking about,glad someone has found them too:) Didn't realise there were these other bulbs on the myou have found, we'll have to experiment wih a few of them in figuring out what they may do. And yes I was looking on theatre mode at the time not during the actual gameplay, theatre must just be playing tricks, unless the change in the bulbs is significant and shows that it's possible you could interact them - objects you can interact with in Tranzit (I.e. Buildables and parts) are usually not visible or different in Tranzit. Thanks for having a look into this and posting the pictures:)
  9. *JUST TO CLARIFY* there are other lightbulbs on the map Farm in Tranzit, however these have a lampshade over them - these are not the one's I was mentioning above, however I have discovered there are also 4 of these across the map, so they could substitute the other lightbulbs as they would fit in with my theory.
  10. Whilst exploring the map Farm on Tranzit mode, I discovered that there are 4 lightbulbs across the map.I wouldn't have thought much of it but it's the fact that it is four which makes me suspicious it has something to do with the easter egg. I would have no idea where to start in terms of 'activating' them in some way, but if anyone is interested like me, please look into this. The locations of the 4 bulbs are as follows: 1) On the balcony wall next to the random box location 2) Inside the farm house, in the same room as the weapon holding fridge, hanging from a cupboard over the stove 3) Next to/behind smaller single back-door on the farm house 4) On the cabin next to the barn where the zombies spawn out of Two of the bulbs have a 'burned out' effect on them (1 and 3), whilst the other two don't (2 and 4), but they all generate light. Maybe shooting them with the Jet Gun or an upgraded weapon would trigger something? I'm not quite sure - just a theory. I haven't seen anyone mention this when i researched it, but i'm sorry if it's nothing or has already been covered/debunked. Hope this helps to figure the easter egg:)
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