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  1. I don't recall there ever being a foghorn. As for the TV, Ill have to see if that actually works.
  2. I'm going to add on here, some people are trying to relate the actual 'Tower of Babel' from the bible. Well I googled the definition of babel and here's what I found: Perhaps this has something to do with linking another tower and trying to re-communicate with someone...or...something...
  3. Seriously can't wait until February.
  4. This may something but I looked the definition of the word babel up: Perhaps we've got this all wrong and the 'Tower of Babel' they are referencing in the game is actually completely different than the one interpreted in the bible.
  5. It just doesn't add up. We are fighting the entire story line in Germany or America, and now all of the sudden we are going into another continent? It's also the same people from Green Run? How does that work out? How could they possibly get there? I honestly don't have any theories on this right now, but I want to look into this. What do you guys think?
  6. There is NO BANK, at least not that you can confirm. Watch when he's jumping down the elevator, red text in bottom left hand corner appears and upper right there is a developer console.
  7. We're on to something here. After turning on the spire in Green Run Maxis or Richtofen say that 'Your help has been appreciated' and from what I remember he also mentions there is another tower you have to turn on to complete his supposive 'ultimate' plan.
  8. Zombies could have never even affected this area, also if you look at the trailer of the map all of the sky-scrapers are really destroyed and messed up, not too much damage happened to them.
  9. Also, didn't realize that the Jet Gun actually gives you a boost, perhaps it can be used to get around the back of Bus Depot?
  10. Very interesting, you might want to add my theory about why there is actually lava. Quote from a website about Green Run (The real life project): Perhaps the lower levels decayed so much that there is now lava pushing up out of the earth.
  11. Green Run was also an Air-Force project, not the Marines.
  12. You don't know, Die Rise takes place in a different continent than Tranzit, but it uses the characters from Tranzit, it could take them a while to get there.
  13. Sorry didn't realize, at least my theory about why there is lava is out there now.
  14. Did some research today, I've managed to find the real location of Green Run. I've seen a lot of people talking about how they think Green Run is in Washington, well it is, and I have pictures to prove it. Here is a picture of the map located in the starting room in bus depot: Take note of the water around it, and how it curves at the top there. Now, here's a little background on what exactly is going on in Green Run: "Green Run" refers to a secret U.S. Air Force experiment at Washington State's [b][u]Hanford[/u][/b] Nuclear Reservation that released somewhere between 7,000 and 12,000 curies of iodine-131 into the air on December 2-3, 1949. The experiment was called the Green Run because it involved a processing "run" of uranium fuel that had been cooled for only a short time (16 days), and was, therefore, "green." Source: http://toxipedia.org/display/toxipedia/Green+Run+-+Hanford Also note of the the Hanford, the real place of where Green Run takes place. So after doing a little research I came up with this picture: Look familiar? The A on the map is the actual location of Hanford, so it's acutally a little off, but still creepy. Also, the fire seems pretty random in Green Run doesn't it? Well I have a theory about it. The normal practice in 1949 was to cool the fuel 90 to 100 days before processing. The longer cooling time allows for radiation, especially iodine-131, to [b][u]decay to lower levels.[/u][/b] Source: http://toxipedia.org/display/toxipedia/Green+Run+-+Hanford After using the fuel, radiation and iodine would decay the lower levels of the earth, ultimately over time allowing lava to flow up into the ground.
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