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  1. me2kool2talk2u

    Were We Wrong?

    Seems legit.
  2. me2kool2talk2u

    Why The Crew is in China

    I'm going to add on here, some people are trying to relate the actual 'Tower of Babel' from the bible. Well I googled the definition of babel and here's what I found: Perhaps this has something to do with linking another tower and trying to re-communicate with someone...or...something...
  3. me2kool2talk2u

    Why The Crew is in China

    We're on to something here. After turning on the spire in Green Run Maxis or Richtofen say that 'Your help has been appreciated' and from what I remember he also mentions there is another tower you have to turn on to complete his supposive 'ultimate' plan.
  4. me2kool2talk2u

    Were We Wrong?

    Zombies could have never even affected this area, also if you look at the trailer of the map all of the sky-scrapers are really destroyed and messed up, not too much damage happened to them.
  5. me2kool2talk2u

    Were We Wrong?

    You don't know, Die Rise takes place in a different continent than Tranzit, but it uses the characters from Tranzit, it could take them a while to get there.

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