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  1. "You can't tell them about The Flesh! They'd kill me if they knew!" tell who?who does this refer to it can't be the tranzit crew cuz they know about stus eating habits this is implied by quotes from misty "hungry stu? cuzim about to drop a lot of meat" something among those lines the flesh is starting to sound like some cult to me
  2. you might be on to something here i've wondered about those blood splatters as well because in zombies the splatters are generic a hand some dragmarks , the grim reaper but this one seems to be unique
  3. xserre

    morse code

    hello fellow zombieslayers an EE hunters as most of you will know morse code has been in zombies for quite some time and now seeing the stoplight in town i started wondering. at the bus depot there's this overhead surrounded by blue neon one or two of this neon lights flicker also the roof of the dinner is surrounded by a row of pink neon has anyone tried making footage and slowing it down and see if those two say something? i don't know morse code else i would do it myself what do you guys think?
  4. i remember back in the days when i first started playing zombies on kino i would always play with a friend and we'd keep the curtain closed untill we both had 5000 points for an upgrade (wich would always be the afterburner). i soon came to realise having jug is way more important and you're better of with a boxgun but for now my fav loadout would be dual five seven/ ultra en violet war machine or rpg Papped for CARNAGE! claymores - these are a must have to protect yourself on top of the bus or for taking out a whole train semtex monkey bombs for reviving (or emp if teammates know how keep the zombies pacified its also good for reviving) perks in this order JUG stamin-up quick revive last one depends from my guns its either quick reload or double tap i must say i really miss the gersh device and babouchkas...and richtofens insane quotes
  5. i've just seen this for the first time we did the EE with our group and then we died so after that we decided to just play and in approx round 15 a teammate asked for backup while he was boxing, thats when i saw it. i dont have blue eyes btw maybe someone should emp the box while it sparkles
  6. someone online said throwing emp at enemy tombstone will make it dissapear haven't tried it yet
  7. yeah im having this too i think because its two characters trying to say an audio clip at once that causes it. this is very annoying and i've been looking for an easy fix aswell since i rely on hearing to know if zombies are close in my back or not i mostly restart the game when this happens but when in round 18 having PaPPes weapons and all restarting is not an option
  8. they should really put in an option to make clans in zombies cuz im tired of getting put in games with random newbs without mic you should be able to add people who you know are good players to your clan, so whenever i start up bo2 i get to inmediatley see wich clanmembers are online and up for a good game of zombieslaying. maybe even allowing a short description of your function in the team: -players like me who get a thrill out of reviving often and in order to do so will get all equipment to do it more easily like krauss -players who get thrill from highest kills/headshot wich is also necessary if you want to go through rounds first -explosive experts who will get PaPped rpgs M/S war hammer and claymores you get the message maybe even clan leaderboards also this could make grief more interesting as now we can have clanfights over wich one has the baddest 4-player team
  9. i personally think every map is somehow incorporated into tranzit -NDU is in the cornfield -the cabin in the woods (also said by some people to hint to a movie) seems like a hint to SNN to me -kino i think is hinted in town (where double tap on is on grief/surv) dumpsters fence the wall all hint to the alleyway of kino also the room behind the barrier upstairs in the bar remins me of kino with the flashing light almost like a theather -the powerroom could be a refferance to either five or moon .... im not really sure about this
  10. throwing a moneky at a downed enemy can be helpfull too but personally i get more satisfaction from reaching high rounds than winning grief so whenever im in grief and the other team isnt giving my team a hard time i even go and defend players who a reviving other enemy or even throw a monkey when 3 of them are down, in the end only one team will survive anyhow
  11. i was hoping playing as a zombie hopefully allows you to spawn behind the barriers and not only at zombiespawns wich are technically inside the map (coming out of the ground). this would allow us to see parts of the map wich we normally cant im pretty sure turned wont be diner specific mode. imaging running around the back of the bus depot maybe allowing us to find new EE materiäl or richtofen giving us specific instructions
  12. imagine getting an ermergency flare gun from the box with flares that burn 2-3 min allowing you to shoot a flare or 3 allowing you to walk from one part to another without those annying denizens
  13. if spiderbite uses my ideas and use them in a video thats watched by 1000+ i dont really give a fudge nice to know that my idea is getting spread maybe treyarch would pick it up themselves btw can anyone provide me with a link to that vid
  14. what i would like to see is a wonderweapon or equipment that is specific to the storylinge you chose to follow. perhaps a wonderweapon from the box wich is pretty awesome to start perhaps a bit weaker than the raygun wich but as you complete either maxxis' or richtofen's storyline they would somehow allow you to permanently infuse it with some of their power, maybe even as buildable attachments. -for richtofen since he's in control of the zombies perhaps some biological weapon (like meat in greaf) thats can be used for defense and reviving. -since maxxis uses all kinds of electronics to communicate it makes sence that the weapon would be altered in such a way that i could use radio frequencys or electricity of some sort. both these effects could be additional to the normal effect of the gun or maybe even as selectable attachments and other story line specific buildables would also be cool imagine maxxis' side having a long range communication system allowing you to see on your own screen what your partner is doing or maybe even a radio to call in missile strikes or maybe equipment that allows you to shortly charge your guns with electricity or 115 from nearby sources . richtofen's side could maybe have acces to mobile teleportation units wich allow you go to choose between a few sections of map. maybe a jetpack side specific powerups would be cool to wich teammates who did another side cant see or pick up. like gaining dash for 5 secconds or flares wich allow you to run through the fog temporary flamethower ... what do you guys think? t
  15. on the other hand nukes dropping have been around since Waw and treyarch does hint to future maps a lot
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