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  1. Just found out about it and i love it. I'm thinking of making some custom WAW zombie maps when i get my computer, i'll most likely make it into another perk that will make you recover faster or something called joggernog
  2. yeah i thought that all this was already common sense, my one pet peeve is stupidity and lack of evidence to back things up so sorry if I offended anybody.
  3. I was not online for a while because i was playing zombies, and i respect all your opinions, claims and theories, and I was not trying to be a doushbag to anyone. However, i still stand by what I said before, as I play more and more,I think about what ou guys post here and I consider everythimg said by you and me. however,it seems that ou missed some things I saw, in plain view and didn't consider. like why is there a song from the 80's in the diner if the world ended in the 60's? how on earth do we have chinese SDC forces with full out 2020's gear if the world stopped at 1960's? I didn't claim as a fact that the story DID take place in 2012 or 2025, but i said it is much more plausible, and it seems i was right. Green run really blew everyone off with it's 60's theme,and I think it was intentional, I will post what I thought of green run for a while now, and why I thought it was 2025 all along.
  4. looks like I was right, if the green run group didn't teleport into the future, then moon nuketown and green run take place in 2025, which of course could also be a possibility. I got a theory on what green run facility actually is, but I got to go now, so I will post later. It is timeline related too which could disprove the 60's theory
  5. The world ended on nuketown/moon, if they took place during the 60's, the song would have never been made, and thus, like I was saying, and I was right, green run, moon and nuketown DO take place after 1980's, possibly our modern times, or 2025. As for the journals, I thought they were current journals maxis wrote from the aether, and I flipped my shit at the thought of maxis actually working WITH richtofen as a sort of a master plan and green run group being "test subjects". Can anyone link me to the radio audio in question?
  6. We have so many zombie maps, and it seems that each map brings something new to the table, something interesting, a new staple and a favorite, or something that the players absolutely hate, and makes them turn away from that map. We all got our favorites, one way or another, so post here which ones are your best ever zombie maps, and why. I couldn't see another topic like this one, so here it goes: Here are mine 5th place-Kino der toten(call of duty:black ops) This was a mind blow to me and to many WAW veterans at the time, and the very reason i bought BO in the first(along with FIVE). It transitioned you into a familiar setting, everything from der riese was there, while completely redoing the weapon system, and making the map more open then ever. It was included with the game, so everybody who bought black ops could play it at no extra charge. It is still the most played BO map today, owing mostly to that, but also to it's high replayability value. 4) Shi no Numa(call of duty world at war zombies ios) It may seem strange that a mobile zombies map is here, but since 2009 it was my only zombies game, so i only had those 4 first map to play for 2 years until moon came out and i got BO with all zombie maps. Shi no numa was one of my favourites, sure you could go higher on der riese with the pack a punch, but it gets boring after a while. What i love about shi no numa is it's always diffrent. A small feature like making all perks appear at random is enough to keep a zombie map a while longer. Also, it combined the best of 2 generations of zombies, which made me love it even more. Nothing but mystery box weapons, which make later rounds a pain, a good one, but with perks, traps, a wunderwaffle and new:hellhounds. SNN being the most open of four also made it an instant classic for me. And i can play it anywhere, anytime. 3) Nuketown(call of duty:black ops II) Nuketown was my new kino. We all remember the hype before tranzit became ours, and when we finally got BOII, we played zombies hyped as hell. I played lots of moon beforehand, to get a feel for the further story, and replayed all maps in order to further it up. Exit moon, enter nuketown. Athmosphere killed me. I played this before green run, and i made a right choice. I got instant feeling unlike any other when playing zombies. All other maps took place on already destroyed sites, with us doing the "clean up job". Nuketown was the shit hitting the fan: nukes being used all over the earth to keep the zombie menace at bay, agents in hazmat suits trying to desperately eliminate all hostiles not knowing what they are dealing with, agents that have fallen killed again, and all of this on a favorite mp map from BO. It created an image what the last minutes of planet earth as we know it looked like, knowing what will happen at game over from the voice from the tv. This made the map for me, along with what made shi no numa great. Random games, tight, yet open map, now with pap at cost of wunderwaffe. This made a great tranzition to tranzit, and made me feel better about spending 20$ on a single zombies map, because it was completely worth it. 2) Verrückt(call of duty:black ops) As you can imagine, playing my well known maps on on the big screen with more fluid multiplayer was a blast. Add some new weapons to the box to keep things fresh, ect small things. They were remakes if the first 4 maps. But verrückt stuck out to me. SNN and DR were not much of a remake as much as the same maps with diffrent box weapons. Nacht and verrückt were diffrent from today's zombies: today we see zombies as a franchise, and big confusing story and easter eggs are something that is expected. The first two maps were just zombies, nothing more. A side mode for an afternoon, everything changed when SNN came out and actually added in a backstory and characters. Verrückt was amazing After i played for the first time, playing nothing but nacht. It kept the same style, but made so many additions, like making faceless marines talk, perks, ect to flesh out the map. That's why it feels like it was truly redone for BO, to put it simply it feels like an actual zombie map for our modern standards. I played all maps after die rise, but this one was the most replayable. It combined all new and old so perfectly, giving it an insane replayability. 1) Nacht Der Untonten(call of duty world at war:zombies ios) I said ios zombies were my first love, i wasn't kidding. Before i went to a (boring) vacation to europe i got a whole bunch of free ios games beforehand. One of them caught my eye:call of duty zombies-demo. I only played Cod2-4 so it was interesting, and one boring night tried it. I was hooked like it was heroin. Only the first three rounds being playable before restart and buy screen, and more points given at start to dick around made me play over, and over, and over again, all together putting in about as much time as some here on tranzit during the first week it was out. It seems like i tried out every combination, exploited everything. And it never.became.boring. I loved the idea of ww2 cod being fused with a zombie apocalypse scenario, and a nifty plasma pistol added, reminded me of fallout(my favorite childhood franchise), not only with weaponry but also a random idea and solid overall execution. In case you don't know, fallout is a post apocalyptic 60's style rpg, in which you see the future, but seen as it would be in the eyes of people in the 60's, so it has the great communist nuclear threat before the end of the world, clunky robots, laser guns, radiation making mutants ect, and you saw that universe after it was blown to hell, 70-200 years after, in a mad max like setting, if mad max had mutants and power armor and lasers, ect. That was my first reaction to cod zombies before even killing my first zombie, and getting the ray gun only intensified it. What else is there to say? I bought the full game first thing i got back, and playing it now, never lost its charm. It's really a no brainer it's still my favorite map even with maps taking place on moon and in open world envirments. This was probobly TL:DR but i couldn't cut it any shorter. I would like to hear your favorite maps and why Close runner-ups: 6) ascencion(ios) 7) Die rise(BO2) 8) Tranzit(BO2) 9) Dead ops arcade(BO) 10) Nacht ter untonten(WAw)
  7. I would love if they implemented something like that as a custom games feature via update or next dlc. Wall weapons would stay, but you would decide if you want weapons in the box to be fro ww2 era, cold war or current mystery box, that would be badass and really should have send the game with this feature
  8. They run in the lake and freeze and, you know, die, and turn back into a zombie from all the 115 in their system. Infinite cycle
  9. Im sort of busy today, anyone wants to check this out really quick?
  10. I dont think this is real, but i watched a youtube video that seemed edited, it showed the uploader getting carry on by avenged sevenfold on tranzit. This is how he got it: 1) deleted the title update 2) activated three bears in this order; bus stop, town, farm Im preety sure i did almost every combination checking for it, but i missed one or two, could anyone check this if its troll or real?
  11. can anyone type the quotes in question? I dont watch these kinds of videos to avoid spoilers
  12. Confirmed for paped wonder weapon
  13. I prefer a weapon i can easily stock on anytime, which cant be said for the box, cant risk getting ballistic knifes or warmachine later on i would rather pap a wall weapon, let it be mnesia even
  14. You cant really depend on the box cause you never know what you will get, i usually ride rhe bus so i get b23, otherwise i grab AMD65(ak74)
  15. Shi no numa was the zombies take on pacific front from waw, space race is an ongoing theme thought the game, and shangrila was released for same reason as shi no numa: out zombies in new environment from campaign, jungle from bo1
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