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    WTF ?! [ glitch, non ee related ]

    Common sense, got one?
  2. zombie_exterminator

    Your best zombie map idea?

    Something like tranzit that takes place in Nevada, and is actually 100% explorable. Think new Vegas game map with zombies
  3. Yes, that is true that we are in modern times. Also, it's spelled Casimir What do you mean that the Zombies awaken? They've been around for a long time, since the early 1940's, so I'm confused as to what you mean by that. Alrighty, first thing. We go back in time from Call of the Dead to Shangri-La, as shown by this quote: "Ah, much better, now I can see the problem. We must have gone to far into the future. Look, the teleporter's completely broken, the time circuits are damaged." - Edward Richtofen in Call of the Dead Now, getting from Shangri-La to No Man's Land was indeed via teleportation, per this quote: "A time traveling temple, of course!" - Edward Richtofen in Shangri-La If you look at the first quote I cited, Richtofen mentions the time circuits (time) and teleporter (space) together, because the time circuits are in the teleporter. So basically, time traveling allows you the opportunity to teleport, and vise-versa. Physics shows that time and space is one fabric, so to speak, and Zombies follows that. Here's one more quote where he references time and space together, as one: "Now to use this to blast a hole in space-time and... what was I saying?" - Edward Richtofen in Moon As for Matuzz, that is very compelling evidence I'll have to sit on it, but it seems plausible to me. 1) yes, zombies existed since 1940s, but in 1945 and 1962/3 they stopped attacking, and went back in the ground(should be obvious, cotd or live as we know it would have NEVER happened if we were attacked by nazi zombies in 1945 or the 60s) 2) heh I wasnt aware of the quote from shangrila, please do provide a link, but still as I said tranzit/moon can't take place far into the future as tranzit does not seem modern enough(look at bo2 tech in single player) 3) as for cotd, yes time teleporter is broken, but they still somehow manage to get to shangrila instantly, you can even hear teleporter sound so the mpd is definetly functional. 
  4. Ok I've seen some confusion with the time of green run, some saying its still the 60s and others saying its 2020 or 2025 or whatnot, its all wrong, let me explain. As we all know, in der riese the group gets teleported to 1962 or whatever that was. It only lasts for 2 maps: kino and ascencion, since in ascencion the kassimir device works with gersh device to send our heroes to the modern age, 2012. That's right, 2012 is when green run takes place, here is why. So on cotd, we see modern day celebrities, so cotd undoubtly takes place in our time, and as of cotd, the zombies awaken and start attacking worldwide, probobly Samantha searching for the 4 zombie slayers without knowing it send them to shangrila. So right after cotd, the chars are fighting in shangrila, all while the zombie apocalypse takes over the world, this is why we see shelters in green run, they were made for protection against the zombies, but moving on, after the chars get the orb, they have to manually get from Himalayas to area 51, by boat or plane(no teleportation there), so it takes them maybe 1-2 weeks or so after cotd, while the world burns. Nuketown and moon happen at the same time, and you can see marlton hiding in the bomb shelter, the grand scheme unrevailing and nukes hitting the earth, all while you see the last minute chaos of the modern day world against zombies in nuketown. So after that, green run takes place a few weeks or a month after the apocalypse, as marlton had to get from nuketown to tranzit somehow(not the bus, it arrives at beginning of tranzit). Now you could say that tranzit could take place anytime after moon, even 2025, that's wrong. In survival and grief mode you can see CIA and CDC members who lost contact with the hq, and are fighting off zombies alone, doubt there would be ANY of either left by 2025. Also, the place simply does not look futuristic enough to be, play campaign to see what I'm talking about, today in 2012 seeing old trucks and 60s tv sets in old isolated communities is a stretch, but plausible, I doubt with the advancements of 2025 we would be seeing that, or CIA or CDC using 1911 or m14s for that matter. That was a mouthful, but I'm glad i cleared this up
  5. zombie_exterminator

    Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies for iPhone, iPad and iPod

    there is literally nobody playing cotd and dead ops, my two favoruite maps. If you got ipod or iphone, add me enclave_mike45 so we can play
  6. zombie_exterminator

    Multiple EE continuation myths debunked. Confirmed bus 2

    I've tried the bears in diffrent orders, they don't work. Please carry on with investigation op and tell me if you find a way to activate ax7
  7. zombie_exterminator

    Multiple EE continuation myths debunked. Confirmed bus 2

    could you check the script for the three teddy bears? I keep hearing there are three songs ranomised if you do this or that. the three songs are carrion(seems to always play no matter what you do), imma gonna try it out(activates before update), and carry on by avenged sevenfold(in the trailer, but rumored to be a musical easter egg)

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