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  1. How it works? That's Called The Zombie Community Be the first on game,FIND THE NEXT NEW SECRET, Make your own Videos, like NGT SPIDER KNOW YOUR STORYLINE WITH ZOMBIES, POST IDEAS NEW TO GAME OR WHAT COULD BE NEXT IN THE STORYLINE OR FUTURE MAPS I Would Say Watch Some Videos On Zombie Secrets And How There Discovered Also People Look At The Text On The Game Files Via Laptop PC So They No Whats New On The Map And What To Look For With This New Live Server For Zombies, Anything Is Possible, Not All THINGS SHOW IN GAME TILL THEY ARE DISCOVERED! OR CONNECTED LIKE COLL
  2. Throwback town in 2025... Why else would they have such advanced weapons like galvaknuckles just hangen around the place?... why would they have ray guns in all other maps and wonder weapons so on and 2025 like its only 12 years in the future its a game anything is possible time travel so on the guy is asking for the year and how green run the map fits in with storyline ???????? and does town farm diner look advanced to you ? guns and stuff yes there is thing called element 115 how we get upgraded guns all stuff like that and Mbox perks so on ?????
  3. does the dinner not say the time frame for green run fits in with story? have read when diner was created and ended whttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diner Diners of the 1920s–1940s feature Art Deco or Streamline Moderne elements Diners of the 1950s tended to use stainless steel panels, porcelain enamel, glass blocks, terrazzo floors, Formica and neon sign trim. sounds like tranzit diner stainless steel 1950 1960
  4. i need 2 players to check this out add me MPR x JoEGGz ill inv you
  5. IS THE EE NOT LIVE ? OK guys you can only complete the EE on xbox live well connected to internet you can look at files all day long they are just commands in game its a live server things are added to game as we progress thru EE THAT'S HOW IT SAVE,S IN CUSTOM GAME AND YOUR STATS THESE ARE ALL LIVE AND NEW TO ZOMBIES. There is a live system for zombies so not all things are in files things can easily be added to the game server as you are playing the game heads up guys
  6. lol guys jimmy is laughing his head of rite now I don't think these pictures have anything to do with EE TRANZIT or maybe so follow me on twitter for more tip and steps https://twitter.com/BO2_Zombified
  7. Here is the guy on twitter with spider bite en picture large https://twitter.com/Surfershine/status/ ... to/1/large
  8. try catch the electric guy with the turbines on the bus or other places what could be powered ?
  9. error wrong navcard ok so i did the easter egg with power off and its all lit up orange red colors round the map what i did notice is that there is more than one pylon on tranzit and the wire on the pylon can be lit up so i go in custom game alone i have done the easter egg so i put power on link all 8 green lights up with the teleports on floor with the creates i emp the light in town all light go out and the pylon starts to change colors to red orange purple blue also the wire on the pylon are flashing red blue white so i turn power of and go to pylon i add navcard all pylons light train tra
  10. hey peeps am new am all about zombie :geek:
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