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  1. Hmm, I definitely agree that the world will be black and white during the zombie apocalypse, but on topic, that's actually a pretty cool video :P
  2. on topic of relating zombies to other things, I posted this one back a while ago, thought I should share it ph2oPatg6WE
  3. Actually Green Run is in Oregon, as well that it (in real life) was a nuclear testing site, why is there a town, bus depot, diner in the middle of it? Sure beats me... As well as think of how T.E.D.D. always talks about secret government facilities, that's no ordinary bus :P
  4. I believe Maxis wanted to nuke the earth to stop the zombie outbreak, but his calculations were off and it... well it didn't end so well. I can't remember for the life of me where I read this... if I did I would post it though... I think it came from another hidden quote by maxis
  5. I think it's just because it's a new zombies team, with now Edward controlling them Think, in the past, in EVERY MAP that had the original 4, it would be a song by Elena for the few times that it wasn't the original 4 (I think Nacht & Verruckt are out the question) Five & Call of the dead, we had Eminem, and A7X so I just think that we had a change in singer because there's a new zombies crew & now Edward is in control Maybe in the future we'll have a song with both the new guy and Elena if Edward and Samantha battle it out! (Could be an epic song xD)
  6. Okay guys, this is kinda' tranzit related but not really... but has anybody been seeing how hostile this birddog dan guy is making a lot of us? Most of us have heard the radios in Tranzit... Something along the lines of "An electronic voice has given us direction, half of our team chose to follow him and the other half aren't, and now both sides are fighting" (I know the quote is no way near accurate, but it's the general notion) Possible relation perhaps? Maybe I'm just giving him too much credit, but this is an interesting observation haha
  7. The sun is in the south high up in the sky, which is why I think the current time of the map is 5:11 pm (17:11 for the rest of the world )
  8. My question is, why would the map inside of the bus diner itself be facing anywhere other than north? It just doesn't make sense to me... besides, if you compare the actual location of the place in green run to the same one on google maps, North is in the same direction... (I saw this posted on another thread a few days back, sorry no link) D: Which is why I made this one...
  9. I thought I was good when I always volunteered as the bait in Kino, kiting in the spawn room with ballistics and pack a punched crossbow, and carried my team to high round 30's with around 40ish revives. >:D
  10. Doesn't rule out the fact that they could have easily made a copy of it in it's prime condition, to eventually use for time travel. It's just not the case. None of the ripped audio files mention anything related to time travel. Maybe though, after a DLC comes out, something like that could be added to Green Run, considering Maxis has said in one of the still unheard files, that "there's nothing to be seen here, at least not for now.". I'm worried about that happening... since Actiivison loves to make deals with microsoft, I'll have to wait all of that time, plus suffer while I watch everyone play thanks to ps3 users having to wait 30 additional days -_-
  11. Doesn't rule out the fact that they could have easily made a copy of it in it's prime condition, to eventually use for time travel.
  12. Woah... Then maybe this is it! Do the richtofen egg... very next game, have all 4 players set down turbines at the 4 lamp posts NOT sending off beams?
  13. first of all SORRY FOR DOUBLE POST Isn't that beam just one of the beams that constantly shoots up the tower to signify that the maxis side is done? bienvenido, yo tambien hablo espanol :P
  14. Holy crap that video... it seems like 2 were lit from that easter egg already, and they lit the other 2 by hand...this brings me back to a much exhausted theory... 2 people having richtofen easter egg done, so 2 lamp posts shoot them there: 2/8 2 people having maxis done, 2 more there: 4/8 so far Then all 4 players placing turbines on the remaining four to get all 8? Random thoughts :roll:
  15. I have information to add in the form of a topic I made a few days back! viewtopic.php?f=136&t=26143
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