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  1. So me and my 2 friends were playing on Buried, but the other 2 died the previous round. I was running a train in the Maze with the Petrifier so my friend decided to join me, the results were hilarious http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMbFRrVVNYA
  2. One of the guys in my group lagged out when we were on the Sharpshooter step, he re-joined, we completed the EE and he got the achievement for 75G. However, the box in the courtroom show's he doesn't have it done and the world map shows he doesn't have it done. Sorry, but it looks like you may have to redo it to get the 'final' ending.
  3. Me and my 3 friends need 1 more person because we can't enter infinity mode. It's round 15 so if you want to play and help us look for the bodies and switch, add me. GT: Nexus Elmo.
  4. Wait how come you're not in the infinity round though? What are we meant to do then? I only have 3 players so we're stuck at this part, we can't even enter the infinity round :(
  5. So me and my 3 friends are on round 11 on Buried and have every step done for Richotfen we can do so far. The next part we need to do is go into the 'Infinity Round' and find/activate the switch, but we need 1 more player or it doesn't work! Preferably have money in your bank to survive long enough until the end of Round 12 :)
  6. Not sure if anyone has noticed this yet but I haven't seen a post on it yet so I thought I'd make one. At the end of the game when you die, the camera slowly shows a shot of the dragon, nothing special happens at the end of all maps. The thing that stands out is usually there's a song or something at the end but not this time. This time you can hear something that sounds like a giant walking or stomping, it's very loud, you then hear chains and a gate being closed. Now here is the weird part, I've only ever heard it as Samuel. Usually I'm the host when I play with my friends and usually I'm Samuel, but when I ask them do they hear that noise they say they don't hear a thing, it's very odd. Now this could be nothing but I thought I'd just put it out there. It's my second post so don't be too rough if this is a stupid idea. I can make a video showing the sound if you guys want me to. *EDIT* Just played Solo as Marlton and when I ended the game I could hear the sound, no idea why my friends couldn't hear it, could be nothing after all.
  7. From what I could tell one of them defiantly was as you can see in the video, the other one I'm not so sure about. They seem to be coming for much higher up but I couldn't tell at the time.
  8. Yes that's exactly what we did, step by step.
  9. You can watch the video now, I forgot to include the link.
  10. No I'm afraid we ended it around an hour ago :/
  11. Hello CODz Forum browsers, first time poster here! So today me and my friend completed Tower of Babble for the first time and it was just the two of us so we could only complete Richotfen's side. After we got the achievement (Xbox 360) I headed straight to Town to look out for the beams of light. However, when I arrive I found the beams of light coming from the sky outside of town and some from the direction of the church. The only one I could actually trace back to ground level was one coming from a glowing orb around the lamppost on the opposite side of the Town bridge. We have no idea what caused this apart from completing the TOB. So what do you guys think, maybe help towards the next step? Help us out here. So silly of me, I forgot to include a link to my video! *facepalm* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syvciodt ... e=youtu.be
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