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  1. Ever since one of the interviews where Jason mentioned he had a different plan for Mob, I thought it would be the "The Giant" for the next Treyarch game. Having Victus present in some form would be an interesting twist, would like to see that. Also as Blundell said, they actually mapped out all of Alcatraz island when they went to create Mob, so a remake could potentially be bigger too. From a storyline perspective it also makes sense to see it return, it has a place in the story that's even more significant than first thought, and also allows for an alteration to be made, even if we turned up during that time between Zetsubou and GK, with Victus still being on ice, and Primis also being present.
  2. You actually don't have to do all the EE's, you just have to complete Revelations EE with the host of the lobby having done the other ones too
  3. Would like to point out that you can get the Revelations rewards without doing every EE, you just need the host to have done all of the other ones
  4. I'd say the rewards are worth it. I'm yet to do ZNS, because I truly do not like that map due to the spiders but I'll conquer my fear for this stuff
  5. If you hit all 4 it spawns a radio in Nacht that plays all the EE songs
  6. Am I the only one who has seen this? The roof in particular here looks like somewhere we have visited previously, I really can't think where. At first I thought it was the roof to the DE EE boss fight, and the remembered there's not a roof at all. I have definitely seen this before. Any thoughts?
  7. I wanted to, the poll doesn't allow that many options though :P
  8. I'm not fully qualified to answer this, having not even played Gorod Krovi yet, but what would you say is the hardest Easter Egg in BO3? I'd say currently it is SoE, the flags can be so annoying
  9. There are a lot of people that don't buy the DLC
  10. Okay, that makes much more sense. Congrats on lucking out! :p
  11. I'm going to say no, but it is actually a pretty great map personally. My arachnophobia just stops me from enjoying the map though xD
  12. Yeah, I haven't played public since BO1. Last time I did, someone did an out of map glitch with the Lander, the rest of us died and he was stuck under the map with no ammo -.-
  13. People play public...? If I have nobody to play with, I play solo xD
  14. Oh, I thought you meant it carried over games xD

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